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Boot spoilers, in or out?

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Wonder what do people think of boot spoilers, the kind you stick on back of liner.

Mine came with them, but I threw them back in the box. Last Friday I thought I'd take them out and play with them. I only skied with them for a couple of runs before taking them out again, because I didn't like them at all. I've read here that they modify forward lean, but it doesn't feel like that's what they do, rather they just limit the range of motion. Without them I can still move forward to the same position, but with them I'm stuck there. The condition was semi-frozen wet crud, and a few times I hit a hard bump it feels like I lost my balance and about to go over the handle bar, which didn't happen after I took them out. Although it's hard to say if it's because I'm not used to them.

So how far am I off base, what do you think of spoilers?
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Depends... One of many variables. Calf shape, boot ramp/binding ramp angle, your physique and how it affects CoM, etc...
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My current boots (Rossi Cockpit Carve) actually have a spoiler added to the back from an old pair of boots. I never feel like there is such a thing as too much forward lean in my set ups... except when I'm standing around clicked in but not actually skiing.  I've got so much ramp it takes a lot of energy and thigh strength to stand in long lift lines.


Editing in a couple additional comments here.  I like the extra ramp angle more on steeper terrain than on casual terrain.  For the park though I'd think a lot of forward lean would suck for switch stuff.  Maybe the boot guys could confirm or bust that opinion.  I don't do much switch at all, never did except when teaching my kid when he was just starting out.

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Boot Spoilers just give you fit options, basically take up space. If I have a client that has a high lean calf if works great to take up the "gap" in the boot cuff if needed. Most can be shifted up of down to accomplish the effect you are looking for. A skier with a larger or lower calf may not need it at all. The ultimate goal is fit the most people as possible with as little modification to the boot. In my plug boots I have no need for them as they push me too far forward and too much pressure on the back of my leg. In contrast to my park and all mountain boots which has much less forward lean built into the boot, I tend to use them on a higher setting. To answer the question in or out, well what ever feels right to you the rider.    

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Originally Posted by SVmike View Post

Boot Spoilers just give you fit options, basically take up space.

Excellent point.  I have pencil thin calves and the spoiler from my old boots helps a great deal with that.. Plus as I said, I intentionally overdoes on forward lean..

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I once heard PJ Dewey say that spoilers put you in the back seat on pitches. Having skied w/spoilers a lot on ice/groomers for the last ~15yrs and then now skiing w/out them I guess it is true. I find they give me better forward edge contact on flats and limit the range of motion in the boot which can be helpful in certain conditions. Has been sunny w/no new snow for a while where I am and I might go back to experimenting with them in my boots to ski groomers. Right now am focusing on just getting ankle flex in the beginning of the turn the old fashion way.

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My boots came with them and I found that in powder they gave me too much forward lean which I compensated for by leaning back--tiring and not a good way to ski. When I replaced the stock liners with intuition powerwraps, the extra material in the front of the liner made my stance too upright so I put the spoilers back in--they stick well to the intuition material. I can't see how they would limit range of motion, unless without the spoiler the cuff off the boot around the calf is loose. I don't think we want range of motion coming from the calf moving within the boot. Bottom line--try the boots with and without the spoilers and decide for yourself.

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