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Any BC trip reports?

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Anyone in this forum from MT, CA, CO, BC, WA, OR, etc. still getting any turns?
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I should have a TR this weekend as I'm going to go up to Mt. Lassen on saturday to try to get some turns.
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Good on ya! CA CA represent, represent-sent!

It ain't an epic season if it ends in April.
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Originally posted by Totally Epic:

It ain't an epic season if it ends in April.
I dunno, I've had some pretty good seasons over the years that've ended in April or early May. Think the quality is more important than the quantity.

And like music needs periods of silence to help accent, I think skiing needs other activities to counterpoint, cross-train & keep it interesting. Most anyone that skis 12 months a year is gonna burn out on it eventually. Me, i wanna be skiing till the day before i can't get outta bed no more
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Yeah but have you ever skied awesome summer california corn snow in 70 degree weather under deep blue skies?
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I was able to get out skiing last weekend (8/16/03).

Initial plans were to ski Africa Bowl on Mt Massive. Looking at it from the distance something didn't appear right. I'm not sure if some snow slid around or a bunch of dirt blew over the top of it, but it didn't look like conditions were the same as when we scoped it out a few days before. Rather than commit to a longish hike we decided to cut our losses and ski something close.

We drove to the top of Hagerman Pass (just west of Leadville) and parked the car at about 11,900'. There's a large snowfield accessible via a short hike - about a mile. I actually carried some old Rossi Rebels and alpined it.

Were conditions good? Hell no. It's August after all. But I made quite a few turns and hiked up for seconds.

Snow has been falling here in Colorado at about 12,500'. I've woken up a few mornings now and seen the Ten Mile range dusted. Winter's not far off...
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