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Going to Stowe - Stay in Burlington, Montpelier?

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I'm planning a trip to Stowe at the end of February for myself, my Fiance, and my sister. I am thinking of booking a hotel in either Burlington or Montpelier, since rooms seem to be much cheaper than any of the resort properties.


We are late 20s, like a good meal and some time at the bar after a long day of skiing. We don't mind hanging out at the resort for a few hours for dinner / drinks, waiting a responsible amount of time, and then driving a half hour back to the hotel. What would we be missing by staying in Burlington, for example, rather than at the resort?

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I know this doesn't answer your question, but there are a ton of places to stay between the town of Stowe and the resort - or even down to Waterbury - in a variety of price ranges.

If you're lucky enough to get snow while you're there, the drive from Stowe to Burlington could be a pain.
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Montpelier is closer to Stowe than Burlington.  The drive from Burlington can take awhile if the weather is bad, but there is MUCH more to do in Burlington than Montpelier, and a far wider range of accommodations.  You might want to try Waterbury, which is at the Stowe exit on rt 89, and has some good dining, both pubs and perhaps the best restaurant in the state.  Just note, the whole drive from Burlington proper to the base of Stowe is far more than half an hour.  YOu might be able to find a decent airbnb for the time you want to be there, I know there is a nice slope side condo that is listed at a very fair price, poke around!

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If you're skiing in Stowe I think staying in Stowe will make for a better trip. You might look at the Stowe Motel or Northern Lights Lodge. We've stayed at both, pretty basic and dated but we've found them comfortable and good values. As a resort town, Stowe has much to offer, IMO. Burlington and Montpelier are cool towns. Burlington is a not a trivial drive if the roads aren't clear. You might also look at Waterbury. We stayed at the Stagecoach Inn in Waterbury (reputed to be haunted) and had a great stay. Probably not cheaper than what you can find in Stowe, however. We really like Waterbury and it would be shorter drive.

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burlington this time of year is closer to an hour away. waterbury is about 30 mintues away, and stowe the town is anywhere from 15-20 mintues away. Most people forget just how long 108 is up to the mountain here. 

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I've done the "stay down in Montpelier / Barre" thing several times while skiing Stowe over the years.  It's certainly a manageable drive, being about 45 minutes away, assuming the roads are clear.


There isn't much going on in Montpelier, but there are a few decent places to eat, etc.  Stowe has some amazing restaurants, but they can be packed on Saturday nights.


As for what you miss for staying farther away?  Getting first tracks gets logistically more difficult.  It's certainly cheaper to stay in some of the surrounding towns.  So long as you're comfortable driving in some potentially interesting conditions...  The roads aren't exactly flat and / or straight up in that neck of the woods.

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Thanks for the tips. I think I'll look for a place a bit closer after all.

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When we go we always stay between the town of Stowe and the resort. There is a number of inns, motels and hotels on that route, which are less expensive than the resort itself and far more convenient than Burlington or Montpelier. There is also a free shuttle that drives between the resort and the town, so you could enjoy your apres without worrying about driving afterwards.
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I ended up booking a room at the Hob Knob Inn. Our trip starts tomorrow!


Can anybody recommend a shop I can take my skis to Friday evening for an edge tune / hot wax and pick them up Saturday morning?

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Edgewise can probably get you in, if not Today's Edge should be able to.
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Thanks. Both look like good choices.


My first time skiing (and being) in VT. I'm stoked!

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