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Back in the Binding Again...

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Hello my friends-- y'all haven't seen my handle in year in a while, so I thought I ought to give y'all a bit of a rundown where I've been over the last 18 months or so as I'm going to be heading to UT and hitting up Soli, Brighton, and who knows where else later this week.


Flashback to April 2012- spring was springing, Adelle had just swept the Grammies, Aung San Suu Kyi had just won a seat in Myanmar's politics, and girls were wearing North Face Polartec Fleece and Uggs at college campuses across the country. In short, things were about the same as they are now...


I'd just returned from a quick 4 or 5 day trip to Aspen Snowmass to say goodbye to the ski season with a few last days on the snow. Getting home I had some numbness in my left foot, but as many of you know, I've been wrestling with my boots over this issue for years-- though I'd thought I'd fixed it at the last boot fitter. The numbness didn't seem to be going away as quickly as I was used to-- usually a day or two after wearing the boots and I'm back to feeling my toes. This time, it didn't go away as quickly, but I didn't worry too much.


My GF heads out on a cruise leaving me alone to play bluegrass music and prep the lawn for spring, but then one night I wake up with a strange feeling-- or maybe a lack of feeling. It feels like I slept funny on my left side as I'm super numb and weak-- at first I think it's because I slept funny, but it doesn't get bettter and I'm really weak-- like can't lift your arm or support your own body weightweak. It's about 4.30 in the AM and I'm all alone, so I do what any self respecting 21st century man would do-- I crawl/drag myself to my office and google it. Well, my damn fingers don't work-- I can't strike the right keys with my left hand so even googling a list of symptoms is hard.


At that point I decide, I don't think this is a stroke as I seem quite cognizant of my surroundings and my mind seems somewhat right, but if I was having a stroke, I might not be the best person at determining whether or not I'm in my right mind (and those of you who know me know that I might not really be the best at figuring that out anyway, so I call an ambulance, who brings me into the hospital-- they say-- maybe a little stroke or TIA, but they wanna keep me under observation, so I spend a couple days in the stroke ward (which I'd suggest y'all avoid-- not a cheery place) as the suck out vital fluids (a spinal tap, while not pleasant isn't as terrifying as they lead you to believe) and stick me in a series of pieces exceedingly expensive medical equipment and after 3 or 4 days come back with the wonderful news that I didn't have a stroke.


Instead, I had MS-- multiple sclerosis -- while I didn't have an exceedingly terrifying attack, it did turn out that my immune system occasionally turns on my brain and does it's best to destroy the coating of my nerves and I was brought down by my own traitorous immune system which damaged my cognitive abilities, balance, and use of my left side-- the good news is that it appears to be of the Relapsing Remitting type-- which is a rather cruel double-edged phrase which means that my disease is characterized by unpredictable flair ups that will do unknown things to me and then probably remit back to the edges-- sometimes a symptom sticks around for a while, sometimes forever. Everyone's progression is different.


The next few months were pretty rough-- diagnosis and setting up treatment takes a while and my symptoms took quite a while to shake despite my taking enough methylprednisolone to set up a chance to play third base for the Yankees. I had a constant headache for 40 something days, my balance was bad enough that it took me about 3 months to feel comfortable walking up stairs... and I have a 3 floor town house. A few months of PT got me to the point where I was moving at about 80% speed, but by the time ski season rolled around last time, I'd say I was close to 80-90% back and I got a 3-day weekend testing my sea legs.


Now, it's been almost 2 years since my attack, and things are going pretty well-- I have to deal with heat sensitivity which basically means that many of my symptoms come back when the temperature hits 75-80, so I can't really work out outside during summertime. Fatigue hits me hard-- there was a day last year when doing grocery shopping in 95 degree weather did me in for the day. I have random vertigo attacks that aren't too bad-- just light headedness. I have bad days, but for the most part, I seem to be doing pretty well...


So, I'm heading back out to the mountains this weekend-- my father and I are taking a quick 4 or 5 day ski trip to SLC where I'm sure I'll ski pretty conservatively, but I'm getting back to the mountains. I'm hoping it goes well enough that I can plan a trip to Tahoe in March (if it ever snows) and maybe even another trip sometime this year.


Dunno where I'm going from here, but I guess what I'm trying to do is channel Fast Eddie Felson:


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As I read paragraph four I knew what it was, have two friends with it. It's an up and down life, you sound like you are doing amazingly well. Hope it continues. One friend had has it thirty years.
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You need to spend more time at altitude. 

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Thanks Phil and Sib-- I'm really looking forward to getting back on the snow.


I sent someone your way Phil-- a different online community was asking about ski gear in Tahoe-- I told her to visit start haus, ask for you, and  request a ski with the flex pattern of an Olin Mark IV and the K2's peizeoelectric stability technology.


I don't think she believed my recommendation.

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You have to balance that now with sending someone to Whitefish...
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