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Do I need canted?

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Hi guys, 

I was boot fitted by P.J. Dewey last year in Waterbury, VT and am currently skiing in Lange RS130's.  Before getting fitted, while taking my L2 PSIA Exam, one of my examiners suggested that I may need canting (he said I was knock-kneed in my right leg).  When getting fitted, I asked P.J. if I needed canted and he didn't think so.  Due to his excellent reputation, I decided to trust him and not think twice of it.  However, just yesterday in my L3 Prep Clinic another examiner suggested that I needed canting.  


My question is... if i post some pics of me in my boots, will you guys be able to accurately tell me whether I need canted or not?  I'm torn because I'm being forced to choose between a highly respected boot fitter's opinion and the opinions of two examiners.  

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any bootfitter worth his salt will not have a problem with you getting a second opinion.


many of us work in shops which don't have a ski slope outside the door, and will recommend that you get an on snow evaluation,


which i think your examiners have provided---I suggest you go back to P.J. for reevaluation or someone else of your choosing.



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I wouldn't mind going back to PJ, but I'm 10 hours away from him and will be for quite some time most likely.  If I want to get canted I will probably do it in Columbus, OH or in Ellicottville, NY.  

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Mud Sweat and Gears ski shop, Ellicotteville, NY.



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Funny, that's where I was planning on going.  Good to know that you like them too.  

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Not sure how much these will help, but here are some pics.

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Can anyone shed some insight on how my alignment looks?

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you answered your own question in post #6:


no detail on your skiing style, goals, skis that you use, type of skiing that you do most, etc……...


cannot see your hip width relative to the width of your stance


cannot see the condition of the bottom of the boot


cannot see the shape or condition of your bootboard


cannot see your footbed and the effect it is having on your stance


no idea how you have your cuff aligned relative to the flat floor, flat footboard, neutrally oriented footbed, and the way your lower leg naturally comes up off the neutral heel cord/calcaneous


you are standing on carpet


no idea if the floor is level


camera angle?


other than a little missing data, my wild ass guess is that you are standing a little strong to the pinky toe side. however without any of the above information filled in, my WAG is not worth the time that i just spent explaining to you that if you have alignment questions, you need to start at the bottom of the kinetic chain with a swami of a guide, to get you to the center of balance on skis




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