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Saddleback Quickie Report

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EpicSki Saddleback "Ambassador" here.


For complicated reasons, it was more than a month after I normally would have gotten up for a first visit of the season when I finally skied Saddleback yesterday. It was not crowded for MLK day weekend. We hit one longish wait for the Rangeley chair at about 11:00, when the t-bar was inconveniently down. Otherwise waits were on the order of a minute or two. After 1:30 or so it was ski directly onto the lift everywhere. (Patriots game?) We got plenty of runs in.


They had done a nice job on the groomers. Excellent skiing. Not clear to me why some key snowmaking trails - notably Silver Doctor and Supervisor - have been so slow to go online this season, since there certainly has been an abundance of cold days and nights (between rainstorms :rolleyes). 


Several of the natural snow runs - Peachy's, Lower Professor, Governor, Golden Smelt - were open. Skiing them was an adventure in dodging the tops of fir saplings and patches of hard ice, without anything very rewarding to show for it. So, reluctantly, we eventually just gave up and had fun on the corduroy. They need 8 or 10 inches of additional consolidated base for the ungroomed trails to ski well. And they need, I'd say, about 18 inches of additional base in order for the trees to be worth skiing. (We skied the first couple dozen meters of Intimidator glade in order to access Governor, and those few meters were truly ugly. Couldn't get out of there fast enough.)


In short, they need a couple of big dumps. 

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Good on ya', as you would say.


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