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Who knows Volkls?

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Im trying to pick a new ski sometime this year and could use a little help. Ive demoed a few pairs of Volkl RTM84s on three separate occasions and really love them, but not sure I can justify $1000 on a pair, so Im looking at around maybe the $700 range. I was at a demo yesterday (Cannon NH) and also checked out a few other pairs:


A set of Head Rev85 were nice. Carved real well and didnt balk too much at the new snow (few inches of new snow during the overnight and morning)

Nordica Hell and Back Burners werent as good. These didnt seem to carve as well as the Heads, although it was starting to get a bit icy/scratchy from traffic during the day

Final few runs were on a set of RTM 77s and they were the best of the day and seemingly as good as the 84s that I have been looking at. 


At this point, looks like Im looking strictly at the Volkl RTM series, they seem to ride the best for what I like to do. I could endlessly demo other skis, but I like these so I may throw in for a pair.So really, what are the differences between the RTM 77, 80 and 84s with respect to their ride? The 77s were nice and they seem to retail for around $700 with bindings and the 80s are $800. I can do $800 for 90% of the skis I really want, but I have not skied these guys. So what do I need to know about the differences between these three Volkl skis



Disclaimer: I consider myself "advanced intermediate" for whatever that means, or if my legs were in better shape, maybe a bit better :P

I ski New England and hit up to 90% of blacks, no crazy stuff, no moguls and no off piste. 

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Sounds like you struck oil with the RTM series. Good for you. The difference in the 77 and 84 (and 81) is obviously width but also a better construction and better binding system. The 77 sounds like it is good of the skier you are, the 81 or 84 more for the skier you want to progress to be. Split the difference and settle with the 81 and call it a day. While it night be slightly above your budget, it will buy you a year or two in longevity making it actually less expensive in the long run. 

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Damn you. This is exactly the reply I was going to write to this guy if he werent me. Im really considering doing like you said, splitting the difference and running with the 80s. I probably wouldnt know the difference between the two and Id be saving myself a good $200 doing it. 


Anyone actually ridden both the 80s and the 84s care to comment?

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I tried all of those skis and found the 81 (2014) to be my fave and more fall line than the 84 although the difference wasn't huge.
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If you don't want to spend close to $1,000 you can pick up left over pair from last year for a little over $500. I found some by accident when I was looking for a pair of the RTM Jr for my son.

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Good point, Matt, the 81-a and 84-s are widely demoed at least around here leading to a plentiful aftermarket.
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Ive been looking, but cant seem to find any in my size (181)


Although, truthfully, I havent been looking all that hard

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