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Mothers day was bright and sunny here in north Idaho. I awoke at 5 and headed for st maries. As i turned the corner heading up the Joe I could see the snow still hangin on up high. As I headed up the mountain I encountered a large tom turkey in the middle of the road(had to throw rocks at him) damm no lunch today. another couple miles and 2 cow elk stood around to watch me drive by. I drove to the 5200 ft mark and loaded up my pack. Even though the snow stopped my travel on the road, the scree slopes were bare. I hiked the 1000 ft to the top and enjoyed the view. The north basin was still loaded with snow. The first couple dozen turn were somewhat sun slop, but then i enjoy slush. As I decended I mixed it up alittle in the trees. The conditions varied from icy, to nice corn and back to slop. After 1400 vert I stopped in the bottom of the bowl. As I skinned up I pulled out my probe and sunk it to the hilt. at least 9 ft still. I skinned back to the top and repeated the first run except without the icy spot. This time i skinned back to the saddle and skied out the road to my pickup. What a great morning of skiing, I still made it to MOMs for dinner. If this cool spring holds out I should get in a few more days.