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Need Advice on Binding

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Hi Guys,


have been reading in this forum for quite a long time, now i have a question.


I just decided to get the Line Sick Day 95 as my all day every day ski but now im not sure about which Binding to get.

Initially i wanted to get the Look Pivot, but my ski shop has only got them in the XXL and the even bigger version.


So my question:

- Can i mount the Look Pivot XXL on the Sick Day 95 or would that get me problems?

- Other choices in my shop are: Marker Griffon/Jester, Tyrolia Adrenaline/Attack 13/16


If i cannot mount the Look should i go for the Griffon or the Jester?


I´m a 6 4 and weigh around 190 lbs and would consider myself as pretty good and aggressive skier.


Thank you very much for any advice

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Those are all solid binding choices, but the Pivot XXL brake is 117mm, which is really wide to put on a 95mm ski.  Unless you're hucking lots of rocks or doing anything super demanding, then I'd get the bindings that fit your skis, have the correct DIN for you, and are the best deal.  


The Tyrolia Adrenaline is an AT binding, so unless you're going to AT, then don't spend more for that (as a side note - we have one pair of AT skis with the Adrenaline and it's much easier to use than the Marker Barons).


The Attack 13/16 bindings have a 97mm brake which would be perfect for your skis.


Hope this helps.  Have a great season!


T. -

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I have some 17 DIN Tyrolia Free Flex bindings eoth brakes that would work well on a 95mm ski for an aggressive skier your size. PM if you're interested.
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