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Liberty Mtn, PA 1/18/14

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My last ski day before yesterday was two weeks ago in a foot of fresh snow in Colorado.  But it only took a few minutes back on snow to GET MY MIND RIGHT and I had a good day up at Liberty yesterday. :D 


Skied from ~830am-7pm.  Everything was open and I got in tons of runs.  Sunshine with high temps, maybe close to 30.  A little breezy for a while on the front side, but the back was calm pretty much all day. Crowds VERY tolerable, with max wait all day about one minute.  Ski-on much of the day on the backside. I wondered where was everybody, but I didn’t ask twice :-)  Met Mephitblue and me and three of my adult children skied a few runs with him in the afternoon. Mephitblue is in a cool, month-long developmental instruction program for adults and his group looked fun and fast.

Base area around 830am:

A ton of staff on the mtn early:


Lower Strata on backside, note empty base area on the backside, those are civil war battlefields in the background in the direction of Gettysburg:

This Telepatrol was lapping Upper Eastwind for hours.  The bumps were firm, but had a little bit of softmanmade on top and they also got a dusting of natural Friday night at Liberty:



I took this shot of the main frontside chair at exactly 12 noon.  I was at the back of the line!

Lower Eastwind after dark:


Hope you’re out getting some this weekend!

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It was great seeing yesterday and getting a chance to take a couple of runs with you and your kids after my class. You captured the runs at Liberty well with your pictures.


The Adult Dev class at Liberty is really good.  This is my first year taking it, and I will likely take it again next year.  I'm in the advanced group and we spent the day working on driving our bodies forward as we skied, and spent some time running gates and ended with a couple bump runs down Lower Eastwind.  The Adult Dev program is 4 weeks long, meeting every Saturday from 9am to 3pm.  We get A LOT of skiing in during that time!



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Nice lack of crowds pics - I wouldn't have expected that.
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Nice pics as always!


Although high of 30 may seem warm, I think for some folks in the DC area the idea of skiing in with temps in the 20s wasn't of interest.  Massanutten was also relatively empty for a holiday weekend Saturday from what I saw on the webcams.  I think some people decided to wait until the warmer temps predicted for Sunday and Monday.

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