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Originally Posted by Eric L View Post

Ski wherever turns your crank!  I love Vermont too but…..   If you can ski narrow icy multiple fall-line Vermont trails you can ski almost anything in Utah!  In fact, apart from crazy cliffs and really steep chutes, your in resort trails, particularly given the fact that they will have real honest to god snow on them (!) ski MUCH EASIER than anything out east (at least this is my experience).  An advanced east coast skier, with a little experience is a Utah god!  And when you are waiting in a lift line at Killington that resembles trying to get into a NYC late night club (with as obnoxious a group of folks surrounding you) I will be skiing right up to the chair at Alta and running laps!  If you figure out cost per vertical LCC will be much cheaper than the Vermont options.  But hey, have a great time wherever you end up!

^^^This.  My experience exactly. Keep it in mind for next time.  Good snow makes the hard easy and the impossible merely hard.

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Originally Posted by TeddyO View Post

I actually like Killington--at times--but the guy who started the thread said he was looking for mellow.  So its not about what I like or dislike, its about giving accurate information to someone.  So my response was thoughtful and directed to answering the question.  I get paid (pretty well) to be called an idiot so its hard to insult me.

I am a "peace and quiet" type of guy. As such, I'd prefer to be somewhere where I won't be stuck next to raucous parties or loud bars...

I'll stand by my comment that telling someone who is a "peace and quiet" type of guy to avoid Killington is for all intents and purposes, "clueless." Anyone who truly seeks peace and quiet should be strapping on a pair of skins and heading out in the opposite direction from any of the places the OP mentioned anyhow. In the absence of that however, K-Mart isn't all that different from the others and the on-mountain experience will be more subdued in many cases compared to Okemo where you just can't get away from the crowds, ever, on a weekend. At Killington, you can ALWAYS get away from the crowds, somewhere, if you need to.

And as for raucous parties and loud bars - they're often HARDER to find at Killington than someplace quiet. We often stay at a friend's condo in Highridge and you can hear a pin drop on the busiest days there. Some places are downright deserted midweek as well. There are several places to eat a great dinner and have a drink that are quiet even during peak days. So, the advice to "avoid Killington" without describing why really didn't provide any helpful information and therefore, "clueless" with regard to providing an accurate description. That said (again) I personally enjoy Stowe a whole lot more, but I don't make it up there much these days so I make the best of a whole lot of time at "K-Mart and Slowkemo."
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I am an avid reader of these boards but never post. I would say one reason that I don't like Killington is it has very poor lighting in the heart of winter. Much of the terriain is in the shadows on a bluebird day. It is better late in the year when slush can be found but who cares then. Rams head and the back of the mountain/lower snowshed can get some sun.They also are among the worst at describing their snow conditions. I think Stowe is the better choice among the ones the OP wanted to go to.

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Originally Posted by Noahark2 View Post

...one reason that I don't like Killington is it has very poor lighting in the heart of winter. Much of the terriain is in the shadows on a bluebird day....

Yikes - I guess you never made it to Bear Mountain, or the Glades chair, or Superstar, or the back of Skye Peak. eek.gif The only trails I'd say often seem to have flat light are between Lower Cascade and Double Dipper, and for some reason, Needles Eye - but who cares if the light is flat there as long as you still have Anna's Empanadas at the base there. Those little babies alone make me want to head for K-Mart on a cold day. icon14.gif
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Superstar in particular is in the shade most of the day right now, except early in the AM with pockets of sun on it. It also gets scraped off so fast on the top and bottom. The flatter middle part holds up better. The back of Skye peak dose have sun with hundreds of wedging skiers/boarders sitting in middle of trail. Makes it not fun.


Speaking of food, the off mountain places are pretty good but the on mountain chili has gotten bad. Reminds of 3 day old Moe's. ground beef left out at in 45 degree temps.

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Have fun.


Stowe is a good choice.

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I can't say I have ever skied Stowe but I haven't heard anything bad from anyone ever. From what I gather it has the same, quiet Vermont feel that you get from Sugarbush, which I ski every year. That being said, Stowe would be your choice. It's also only about an hour north of Sugarbush and about an hour and fifteen minutes around the mountain from Smugs if you want to ski different mountains during your stay. Killington has a lot of variety but is best crowd wise during the week. Weekends can be a bit crazy during the day. Around the corner from Killington is Pico. Nice, quiet Vermont mountain. Very few lines, especially at the top. Killington and the surrounding area has a lot of restaurants and nightlife if you shoud want to go out. Okemo is basically an intermediate mountain. Lots of wide open, flat runs. Enjoy your trip
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O.P., and the rest of you should watch this through till the very end and you will understand why Stowe was a good choice.
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looks like you and I are pretty much the same except I'm 27... I would highly recommend you to go and ski at Stowe Resort for many & many reasons (on my opinion Stowe is DA best on east coast)

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