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High Instep/Narrow Foot and Heel

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I have seen conflicting info on performance oriented boots to fit my high instep/narrow foot so can someone help me with ordering these boots by roomiest instep or confirm that this is accurate?


Tecnica R 9.8/Inferno

Lange RS130

Salomon Xmax

Head Raptor 130


Does the Tecnica have the narrowest heel?

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order all of them online, and try them on and return what doesn't fit?

or ask the online store to help you with fitting?



I dont sell all of the above brands (most stores sell 4-6) and what I have the technica is the narrowest...





or go see a good bootfitter, and try some boots on, and let them help you see what fits YOU best?

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Well, not exactly the best advice I have seen on this site , , , not planning to buy ski boots without trying them on first!  Can not find Tecnica 26.5 locally and wondering if its worth waiting for my March trip out west.  Tried Lange, Fisher, Salomon locally but not sure I am completely sold on them.


So focusing on high instep, should I wait til March trip or are the Tecnica R9.8 going to treat my high instep just about the same as these other options?

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Hopefully, this will be more helpful.


I don't sell every boot you've mentioned but do sell the raptor and it has a fairly low instep so may not work for you.  At least without some mods.  Dalbello on the other hand makes the Scorpion in a WC 95mm last that will be difficult to find but make work very nicely.  It is narrower than any of the boots you've listed, has a fairly high instep and is available in flexes down to 90.  Make certain when you call around you are asking about the WC and not the regular 98mm Scorpion.



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Of the boots you've listed the Tecnica may have the highest instep but insteps can be heightened by most fitters by grinding the tongue and/or lowering the zeppa.  I'd work with a fitter and focus on a solid feeling boot first then see if the chosen boot can be modified to accommodate your instep.  Also, I'll still stick with the Scorpion WC recommendation.


Where are you skiing in the west?  We might be able to recommend someone.,



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We sell all of these boots. Here's what I can suggest to you.


The Salomon has the highest roof but is the widest fitting of the bunch.

The Lange has a pretty narrow heel but a medium instep at best.

The Tecnica may be slightly narrower in forefoot than the Lange, heel/instep feel similar to me.

Head Raptor 130 is the snuggest fitting of these with medium room over the roof.


Further note: Head quotes their last widths on a 27 whereas others quote a 26. Head Raptor 130 is quoted by Head as 96mm (not 98) in a 26.



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