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Doubt if any of this stuff is worth shipping.

Some $ for my prices or this stuff just goes to the dumpster(lucky it hasn't yet!)

$20 for a good old pair of straight skis..ya ya I do know that you can find this stuff in the garbage..I throw stuff out all the time.

Can you find what you want when you want of course not.$20 for a pair of old straight skis and you come and pick them up.

$40 for those Volkl "Greenies" P50 F1..188cm. They are new. No bindings.I have sold several pairs of older metal bindings to people who come here..for $45 per pair. So $45 it is. I will get a pic up soon. SOoo the skis above plus whatever metal bindings are on them or I have around here. Salomon 747 E 14 din. Marker Mrr Racing 15 din. Salomon 900 S E 14 din(sorry there are no screws with these)

I also have other metal bindings kicking around that I will get to. Thanks.I live about 1 1/2hrs NW of Toronto.