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Boot fitter still worth it?

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My history is I've been skiing 6 years about 8-10 times a year.  I turn pretty well in blues and have started doing some blacks this year.  Problem is I bought boots online a few years ago and it is way too big for me and I want a stiffer boot as well.  I feel my boots aren't responsive enough to do what I want it to do since my feet are moving inside them a lot.  I went to a boot fitter yesterday (Heino's in NJ) and they shell sized me into 24.5 lange sx boots and atomic hawx, but they only had 80 and 120 flex.  120 is probably too much for me since I'm only 140 lbs and the fitter didn't want to sell me boots too stiff for me.  My feet are small so they didn't have any 100 flex 24.5 boots so I was advised to come again after they order some. 


My question is should I still go and get fitted or should I just buy lange sx 100 online and get a custom footbed someplace else?  What would a boot fitter do to modify the boot further to make it worth the trip again?  I live in NYC and it took me 2.5 hours to get there due to traffic yesterday and probably $35 in gas/tolls.  Though it should be around 1 hour without traffic.  Also, is it typical to be spending $600-700 on boots + footbeds?  Maybe I should go later in March after they're discounted end-of-season.

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what do you want a boot which fits and is guaranteed or the cheapest headline price?


the reason i say headline price is very simple, when it all goes a bit wrong or you need work doing on a boot which you buy on line it will cost... a good boot fitter is going to charge you $60 an hour or more, and believe me it doesn't take long for that saving you made by buying on line to be sucked up, over taken and swamped by the time taken to make adjustments to get the boot right


if you buy the boot from the fitter then the adjustments are generally FREE


on a side note the SX and the hawx are very different in shape, the SX being wider in the forefoot but narrower in the heel, the hawx is a bit wider in the heel and a completely different shape i can't see your feet on line so have no idea what will work best.... also available in 24.5 would be lange RX 100 and RX100 LV, salomon X Pro and X Max (although these fit more like a 25.5) and a whole load of others


also worth noting that it is rare to find a 24.5 boot in the sales unless it was bought by a boot seller who cannot fit it, they are rare, we sell a load of them but never have any left at the end of the season, same applies with most fitters

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Well I just want a boot that fits me well. Guess I'll go again soon if you think the chances of getting 24.5 late season is not great. I can't even find them online so it's easier to just go to the shop I suppose. Especially since they said they're going to get shipments next week to fill out the holes in their stock. I guess I was just disappointed I went away empty handed after a long drive.

I'm just stating what he tried to fit me into. Hawx, sx, nordica cruise, some Solomon. I'll request the other guy next time then as maybe he's a better boot fitter, since a lot of people recommend him on here.
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hey you only drove a couple of hours, i have had people fly in from the other end of the country (or even other countries) only to be turned away as we either didn't have a boot or recommended something which we don't stock


a boot fitter will look for the possible problems and work with you to solve them, a boot seller is only interested in profit

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