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Boot Heating

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I just bought a new pair of boots and have been reading all kinds of tips on how to get the most out of your boots and came across one that said to heat boots before heading out on the mountain. A few questions I have are:

A) Is this true?
B) Does it matter if my liners are heat moldable?
C) What is good portable heater? Are heated boot bags good or is there a better choice?

Thanks guys!
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I heat my boots this way.  I pack them in my bags, drive to the ski area, carry them into the lodge and put them on, then go ski.  It works every time.


If you really do want to heat your boots for a variety of reasons such as it makes them easier to put on, it is nice to start with warm boots, the heat kills the bacteria that keeps your friends from sitting next to you then buy a Hot Gear Bag.


If you want to heat your boots to improve performance use the method in the first paragraph.

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Thanks for the reply. I'll look into getting one if those bags
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What Hot Gear bag would you suggest? I'm thinking either the Ajax or Classic? What's going to be good with travel, especially air travel?

What temperture would be good for the Scott G1 Fr 130 boot?

Thanks again! Sorry for all the questions!
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We've been the only store selling the bags in Canada for nearly seven years, guaranteed you'll love it.  The Classic holds more and I used it as a carry-on to Chile this summer.

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