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Ski Control

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I am not sure if I am posting this in the right place. If I am not, many apologies. I am a progressing intermediate skier. I can ski comfortably on blue terrain and now moving on to black trails. I have been having trouble controlling my skis. I am not sure whether it is about my technique or it is about my boots. I can control my left ski much better than my right ski, as in I cannot usually put my right ski on its outer edge. Do you guys think this is a technique problem or a boot problem?

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Sounds like a boot problem. Get a front on picture of you in shorts in your ski boots. If it looks like a boot issue, I'll move this thread to the bootfitter forum. Video of your skiing would be even better.

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It may be a boot issue as Rusty said. It could also be that you are A-framing. A framing can be caused by boot alignment issues, but it can also be caused by technique problems. When you are skiing, make sure that your knee joint stays aligned between your hip and ankle joints. Looking at you head on in a turn, I should be able to draw a straight line from hip all the way down to the ankle, with the knee joint on that line. If the knee joint is toward the center of your body relative to that line, you have an A-frame. Not only does that take your ski off edge, it also creates a situation which risks knee injury should something happen.


To attempt to remedy this problem, make sure you are consciously moving your inside knee toward the center of your turn, and make sure it is not tucked up against your outside knee. If you are still having problems, consult the boot gods.

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