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Anyone ski both and compare: SFB 184 vs Soul 7 180

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wants:  light pow days 4-6" trees, skied out stuff, soft bumps. bumped out aspens.  Not skiing big open spaces, not hitting 50mph......   

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Finn, I ski the SFB (albeit as my touring setup) and may be demo'ing the Soul 7 this weekend so I may be able to give you a direct comparison after the weekend.  Currently I have my SFB's (178) mounted with Dynafits. I'm debating on switching these out with alpine bindings since I need a filler 'everyday' ski right now (P98's are dead noodles, next year plan on being on the Supernaturals).  SFB's are perfect for sloppy seconds type of skiing.  They are very soft, but a fun playful ski... great Steamboat tree ski.

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I think we are looking for similar needs!  Thanks  I am gonna try to get on the soul 7 in 180 today.  Good testing grounds. still so much broken loose stuff around.  

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I own the Bacons in 178 and have ski'd the Soul 7 @ 180 a few times. The biggest difference between the two is high speeds in open spaces lol.


Both Ski's are unbelievable in soft snow of any kind. Any terrain, doesn't matter they'll kill it. As you'd expect with the camber they both have, both are absolutely terrible as soon as the snow gets hard enough that you can't get an edge in. They get really unstable and it's pretty much a rodeo.


I don't really ride in hard or icy conditions anyways though, so the SFB has been my daily driver for 2 seasons now. Bottom line, the most fun i've ever had on skis. Where these things really rise above the Soul 7 IMO is in the pow and in the trees. They are so quick, effortless and playfull...i describe it almost like surfing. The Soul 7's are great and quick too but there's something nobody seems to be able to describe about the SFB's that makes them so much fun in pow. Both are good on soft bumps, groomers, wind blown, sluff., crud..whatever.


IMO you can't really go wrong here if you're after a ski for soft snow.

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Originally Posted by Finndog View Post

I think we are looking for similar needs!  Thanks  I am gonna try to get on the soul 7 in 180 today.  Good testing grounds. still so much broken loose stuff around.  


Seeing your from the northeast, don't rule out the volkl gotama. These things rock in the cut snow and have volkl edge hold when you need it. They fly thru the powder we get.

I demoed mine, 2010 out west at Crested Butt and bought them when I got back here. I tune mine the same as my Kendo's and they will railroad track just as easy.

My buddy just bought a pair of new ones and fell in love them during the past dumps of powder VT has had in the past month or so. He was a K2 for the past 10 years or so, but saw how easy I cut thru the deep snow after the first hours or so. He now knows how great the Got's are.

I'm not sure the soul 7's can do what the gotama does back east.
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Thanks @Max Capacity  appreciated the input, and it a ski with a cult-like following for sure.  I don't ski on the EC though.  Read my comments on the Soul 7 spork thread. I love this ski.  


@PoisonTheWell I do want to try the SFB.  @tam I think regards them them and the opus very highly. Line makes some very nice ski's.  I found there Souls to be extremely versatile once i got on a pair with a proper tune and edges set a 1:2.  Factory on those is 1:1 so that may have caused you to not feel so great about firm snow performance. 

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I haven't been on the soul 7 but I see everyone seems to love it. I seem to be missing all the demo day's this year, vacations, or family things are getting in the way of the demo day's.
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@Max Capacity I kind of wanted to not like it due to its popularity. :D  but i loved the ease of the ski including a near zero swing weight. Its just been an almost do-anything ski. I am still surprised at just how well the 7 handles deep powder and tracked snow and especially bumps. As a person who loves the feel of wider skis for powder, I must say I am hooked on this skinny 106 ski.  I was also very skeptical that the 180 would be long enough but again, I was wrong.  I will still grab my FX94 though for the right conditions. 

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Just read post #172 in the other thread.

NICE ! Ok I'm jealous now.
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Just came back from four days in Stowe (Fri to Mon) and used only my Soul 7s. Friday and Saturday was pretty much groomed and cut up snow and this ski did not disappoint in groomed and crud. Sunday we had about 6 inches and needless to say it performed well in half a foot. Went into the trees (when I got the chance) and I loved the light swing weight. In the afternoon I tried in a long bump run (can't remember the name but it was black diamond off the Gondola) and I suffered a bit. But that was more related to my bump skiing technique than the ski itself.

Monday, skied it as fast as I could off the Quad. It performed effortless fast long turns on the groomers and I was surprised how well it handled speed. But due to its width it does have a speed limit so you have to know when to pull back a bit. Glad I bought this baby.
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Hi, Finn.


I skied the 184 SFB and the 180 Soul 7 almost back to back last February in Snowbasin.  Just my own opinion, of course, but the SFB was the ONLY ski I tried (out of about 16 models) that I thought was as fun and playful as the Soul 7.  Both are turny.  Both are easy and forgiving.  I thought both could be skied either quick in bumps or trees or fast and precise out in the open.  Both are just plain fun.  


I thought there was a pretty significant difference in the feel of the two skis, but I liked both a great deal.  To me, the SFB felt more damp and more "quiet", while the Soul 7 felt a little bouncier and higher energy.  The SFB was significantly heavier - which may have been due more to the binding on each ski rather than the inherent weights.  That may be part of the reason the SFB felt quieter.


In any case, I could be enormously happy on either ski - and that's saying something.

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I just skied both a week ago. They have a very different feel, so if you are deciding between these two skis, you have to ski them. In general, there is a LOT of difference between how skis feel these days, with all the different rocker/sidecut variations. Honestly, I could tell you what I thought, but you need to try them. There are so many variables in skiing style, expectations, past experience, and so forth, that it would be impossible to recommend one. For what it's worth, I tried these, then the Blizzard Gunsmoke, and decided to buy the Gunsmoke, but it's a little wider. Didn't get to try the Peacemaker unfortunately.

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