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Diamir AT Binding Differences?

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Are there any real differences between the:

Diamir Titanal II
Diamir Titanal III
Fritschi Freeride?

the Diamir Titanal II are alot cheaper. I'l be using them for mostly downhill skiing with occasional touring.

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As compared to the original Diamir, the DII strengthened the central rail and added some plastic shims to increase the lift by a few mm (and in the process also increased the weight noticeably). As compared to the DII, the DIII has slightly redesigned plastic housings for the toe and heel unit, presumably w/ the goal of adding strength (and also adding a small amount of weight). As compared to the DIII, the DFR has bigger shims for an additional 4mm lift, a slightly different plastic housing for the toe unit presumably to add strength (though it loses the capacity to attach a leash), and release setting to 12 (instead of merely 10). The DFR is somewhat heavier and more expensive, although this comparison is complicated by the DFR’s standard inclusion of a brake but NOT a return spring.

If you can find a DII in the appropriate size (don’t be tempted by a Long if you can fit a Regular, since you’ll be putting more stress on the longer rail), and can live with a release setting up to 10, I would go w/ the DII.
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Thanks for the info.

So when you say the Free ride doesn't have a return spring, does that mean it can only be used for going up slope and downhill skiing. Does that also mean that the Diamir II and III can be used to telemark in because it has a spring? Sorry just a little confused with all this stuff. thanks for the info.

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none of these bindings are built to withstand the pressures of telemarking. the heel release is for climbing and nothing else. all these bindings are good. the II has been know to break toe pieces. the III has new toe pieces. the freeride is just a beefier III with a 12 DIN. i myself am 220LB and i need the beef of the freeride. the lighter you are and the less aggressive of a skier the cheaper bindings might work for you. i cant say. all i can say is the freeride works well for me.
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The return spring enhances the ability to perform uphill kick turns and related moves. It's not essential -- Dynafit AT bindings don't have any such equivalent -- but it makes the ski/binding kind of less "floppy" while ascending.

I've used my Diamir Original and II for lots of aggressive in-bounds skiing and never had any problems, but then again I weigh only 145 lbs.
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