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Tuckerman Ravine -- am I ready?

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I'd like to ski Tuckerman's Ravine at some point, but how do you know if you're ready? I don't want to get up there, look down the headwall, and realize that I'm in wayyyyyy over my head. I've hiked up there in the summer, and I can't imagine that you can stop half way, put your gear on, and ski down.

So, does anybody have any suggested lift-serviced "test pieces", or suggestions on "how to know"? I consider myself a low level 8 skier, usually ski at Cannon, and steep stuff doesn't freak me out, but I'm guessing the ravine redefines the term "steep". Is there anything in-bounds in New England that even approaches the headwall's steepness, or should I just be prepared for "elevator shaft" skiing for the first couple hundred feet?

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The bowl is flat at the bottom and gradually increases in steepness. Not a lot of people ski over the lip or all the way down the steeper routes. In fact that is an issue that may reduce your enjoyment of the place. Nowadays on Spring weekends there are large numbers of people in there. The bowl tends to get churned into a deep. deep mush. The Left Gully becomes heavily mogulled. There are lines in the bowl and elsewhere in the Ravine that are truly terrifying and exhilarating to ski but these are not always skiable. The majority of folks in there are not necessarily accomplished skiers. Basically its just a big party scene and a lot of fun. You can find terrain you can ski just fine and challenge yourself by going higher if you choose to. If you are really lucky and strong you may get a chance to hike up out of the bowl up to the eummit to ski the snowfields. The Right Gully often offers an easier alternative to the lip of the headwall. Just plan to hike up everything you ski. That way you can evaluate the conditions before skiing it. You can usually stop in most places, kick out a platform and put your skis on if you decide not to go higher. Bring some warm clothes as well as maybe your shorts and tee shirt and plenty of sunscreen. You never know what the weather may be like.

Don't forget the beer!
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