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epic mix elevation totals

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Anyone using the epic mix app that you can use with the epic pass? Just wondering how much vertical you guys are averaging per day just for shits. Anyway, I rode with 3 friends and all of our totals varied (sometimes by + or - 2000 feet) by the end of the day, despite skiing all the same runs, riding same lifts, etc. Probably just the pass not being detected when going under the counter before the lift. Nbd. Anyway, here are my totals for the weekend at breck:


11 jan: 11,126 ft

12 jan: 12,761 ft

13 jan: 16,961 ft

total: 40,848ft


This is starting generally at 10am(ish), getting in an hour of drinking or so at lunch, and gtfo the hill around 3:30 before the lifts shut down. Id be interested in seeing what other people are averaging.

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Yeah, it alway seems to skip a lift ride or two. I don't have it this year because I switched passes, but here's my totals from last year:


11/3/2012 ks          32,766
11/10/2012 ks          15,867
12/3/2012 br          31,285
12/16/2012 ks          38,448
12/21/2012 br          26,381
12/30/2012 ks          24,560
1/1/2013 ks          47,086
1/5/2013 br          23,525
1/10/2013 ks          31,284
1/26/2013 ks          32,873
2/23/2013 br          33,487
3/9/2013 br          19,174
3/10/2013 br          18,439
3/29/2013 ks          18,472
4/6/2013 ks


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Don't know the different technology between Epic Mix and the system at our mountain, but I never rely on the scanning here at all. Could be missing half a day. Over ten years, my altimeter has shown the mountain missing between 10 and 15% of my vertical. And yes, I calibrate it every season for two weeks for accuracy. Accuracy is always within 2%.
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13-Dec Beaver Creek 16405
14-Dec Vail 17879
15-Dec Keystone 9536
4-Jan Vail 9880
5-Jan Breck 2098
6-Jan Breck 17933
7-Jan Beaver Creek 22020
8-Jan Breck 14955
9-Jan Vail 15552
10-Jan Breck




January 5th at Breck was BRUTALLY cold. We lasted about an hour before the cold and wind drove us to the bar. 

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Missed about half my lifts at Breck at least one day (does anyone really start the day at C lift?) , dropped occasionals at BC & Vail.  therefore didn't really trust it.  Think the RFID range is marginal for detection on some of those gates or struggles with full lift loads?

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I think the weak point is more likely your pass, and how it is in your pocket.  


Sometimes a pass just has a weaker RFID tag than others.  

I know my pass for last season was weak and always took a lot of effort to scan, even for the pass-checkers with the scan guns.

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one scanner person told me they couldnt pick mine up, and it was in the same pocket as my cell phone. i moved it, so i think that was the cause. they also said it could be in the same pocket as a granola bar, and that causes it to not scan too.

not saying its true, just what they told me..
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RFID passes should be by themselves, on the side of the body that the scanner is on. We use RFID scanners at my ski area, and the biggest failure is not the equipment, it's the brain dead customers who can't follow simple directions.

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It's pretty typical for my husband and me to ski exactly the same runs all day, but have EpicMix give us different totals.  It just plain misses some lift rides.  We have a theory that it's related to where you've lined up - far left, far right, or middle. Generally speaking, I consider a full ski day about 15k, and am pretty stoked at anything 18k and up, but this season I've been lower on vertical than past seasons.  But vertical is so very dependent on what you're skiing - I'd rather ski trees all day and have 10k than groomers all day and 20k!


So far my Breck days:

12/25 16.8k

1/11 12.9k

1/12 13.6k

1/13 13k

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Yeah but VR hands can for actual validity and most punters wear their pass on a lanyard. Their RFID epic mess scanners are makeshift arches over the final entry to the line not the ski data style gates.
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Depends on resort, terrain and weather. First year of Epicmix 2010/2011 - all groomer skiing and great weather - 23,000 a day - 12 days Now 18,000-20,000 with a mix of terrain
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I had 28,322 at Vail yesterday in four and a half hours of skiing.  2 frontside runs, two down to Northwoods and the rest bowls.  Vert has never been on my radar but it's fun to see what they come up with for pins...some weird ones like a 200 point 'Into the Woods' just for riding Northwoods and Wildwood lift in the same day,   Seems kind of random.

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I think the pins have been discussed in other threads, but basically

-they need to come up with new pins each season, for the returning passholders, so some of the activities are weird.


-they do not want to overly encourage gathering vertical;  as this can lead the guests to ski when they are too tired.  This is an enhanced concern since the guests who pay the most attention to pins/points/levels/etc are kiddos.  So they make many more points accessible through pins and other random activities than through vert.

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It’s kind of neat to look this stuff up.  I find that my days very widely from as little as 9k (teaching a never ever skier most of the day) to as much as 60k (when I ski all day solo with no breaks).  Skiing more groomers results in more vertical usually too (due to higher speeds)  More isn’t always better.  Heck, sometimes I spend hour on a single run and love it.  (time could include hiking, traversing, very rough terrain, etc.)  Epicmix does miss some lifts for sure.

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