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Tuckerman Ravine

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Just wondering if anyone has been up lately. I'm sure snow is still good in the bowl but how is Sherburne? How's the hike up are crampons needed? Lunch rocks showing yet, what about lower headwall? Thinking of heading over in the next few weeks and don't want to miss out on the good stuff..
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Chauvin (sp.?) Guides publish an updated conditions bulletin for Mount washington. Do a search for Mount Washington Ski conditions and I am sure you will find it. They update it fairly regularly and best of all they post recent photos.
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Have a friend in the local area that skis the Gulf on a pretty regular basis and has been raving about the snow... : :
March snow is usually incredible....you just have to watch the daily Conditions reports..and of course there's April and May.
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Thanks folks... I've put my plan into motion.. got some friends psyched for the trip first wkend in April.. just hope Sherburne holds out til then. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Its very much still winter up there now. The snowpack is still acummulating. The Forest Service has been reporting considerable avalanche danger lately. The situation changes from day to day with regard to avalanche hazard but Spring conditions are probably three or four weeks off. In the interim, you wouldn't want to go up there without transceivers, probes, shovels, and avalanche expertise. The Sherburne trail, on the other hand, is probably fine.
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