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Is the Gathering ON or OFF? [St. Anton Feb. 2014]

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My husband, friend and I jumped in with both feet for the St. Anton gathering, our first time in Europe & at a meet-up/gathering.  We have plane, train & hotel set up.  I just read through the Roll Call to see various people dropping out.  I've PM'ed HeidiAmsterdam for info, so this post is a tad redundant, but I think I may not be the only one with these questions. 


First and foremost:  Is it happening? 


And the important, but less life or death questions:  ;)


-  Do we indeed have a guide reserved for the entire week?  Is there a way to contact him ahead of time?


-  Where & when does the group meet initially?


Thanks for any and all responses.



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I'm also trying to figure this out.  I'm getting back on here to try to clean this up and clarify.


Everything was pretty silent over the summer, shortly after school started, my daughter has been going through a series of health issues relating to asthma and extreme eczema.  She's been in hospital, missed about 50% of school, trying to home school her in between, being stressed out insufficient results with treatment, doubting treatment.  Mid December, got her into a University study, which is getting us somewhere, and looks like she'll be heading off to Davos Swizterland for a proper European 'Cure' within a few weeks time.


All this making it difficult for me to commit, as my mum job comes first.


Reading through the threads, and my messages it looks like epicski members that will be there are CerebalVortex, Goranmilos and Altanaut with 4.


An guide isn't necessary to stay on piste, and given the lack of snowfall, I question if off piste safari with guide is worth it.  Anyone else have an opinion about that?

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Thanks, Heidi.  My friends and I are interested in hiring a guide, as we ski a lot of off-piste.  Can you (or anyone) suggest a company or individual to contact?



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Sorry I forgot to say this in my last message.  Best of luck with your daughter!  Sounds like a challenging situation.  -G

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Hi Grace,


Even when we started this, the 'favorite' guides as recommended on the snowheads forum were already booked, but given the amount of snow there, options are going to be more limited than under usual conditions.  I even had it in Verbier at Christmas, booked there counting on being able to ski the Val D'Arly itinerary, and the bloke at the ski shop, said he'd do it on his mountain bike, but not his ski's, and that is one place of it's aspect which always has snow, so everything is a bit pear shaped from situation normal.  Which on the other hand strengthens the argument for someone who knows their stuff and and can take you to the places that are good this year, which normally one would avoid...


I'll ask around, how many days and which days are you looking at?

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First of all, HeidiAmsterdam, I wish good health to your daughter. I hope you and your family get out of this health scare fast.


I will be going to St. Anton "gathering". It seems the weather is turning around in that part of the Alps. In the last few days I finalized my travel plans and this is how it looks (I know nobody cares about it, but just in case somebody reads this and happens to be in one of the places ...)


I changed my outbound ticket and now I am flying to Munich (!?) This with combination of award and connection availability. Once there I am taking a train (or car since I made dirt cheap Volvo reservation, but little reluctant to drive alone) to Bolzano and on to Selva. I will be staying to about 8-9th of February and depending on conditions make my way back towards Innsbruck and west to St. Anton, maybe elsewhere if this stubborn winter does not deliver St. Anton. From there to Zurich (Munich if I have to return the car) and back to Chicago.


Traveling alone :(, if anybody is looking for ski buddy, contact me. 

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I'll keep watching this space, if I think I can squeeze something in, I'll be looking for a last minute.


It is a painless 65 minute flight to Innsbruck from here...I'm loving the way Italy is looking right now though.  Fab.


Selva - Alta Badia - Arabba - Canazei - would love to be going there...

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I'm still all booked and happy to see more snow forecasted for this week. My hotel is on the main street, so I can meet up pretty much anywhere in town.

As for guides, the Arlberg Ski School has some good ones that you can book for any range of time. You can probably go on their site and book in advance. If anyone is up for booking one when we get there, then there are a couple that I wouldn't mind skiing with again if they're free.
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It looks like Altanaut was wanting to get a guide.... perhaps you could PM her and organize something?


More snow would be more than welcome up there...and cooler temps, it makes for poor and dangerous off piste conditions.

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Originally Posted by HeidiAmsterdam View Post

It looks like Altanaut was wanting to get a guide.... perhaps you could PM her and organize something?

More snow would be more than welcome up there...and cooler temps, it makes for poor and dangerous off piste conditions.


I'll see if we can get even more people interested. If not, I'll PM Altanaut to see if her group will let me join them.

As for snow and cooler temps, ask and you shall receive. They've got light snow and fairly low freezing levels forecasted for the next several days in a row.
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ON or OFF does not matter to me - leaving mañana !!!


Selva is first stop. 


Report from Val Gardena on Tuesday night


It seems that I will hit St. Anton few days before the "gathering" and will keep everybody posted about conditions. 

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Unfortunately I'll be a bit ahead of the Gathering, but in St Anton to ski Feb 4-7, love to meet up if anyone is around then.

Right now I'm booked into a B&B in Stuben, wouldn't mind going off-piste with a guide for a day or two if not exorbitantly expensive.

PM me if anyone will be there.


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Wolkenstein is just amazing. It seems to be a pattern - I arrive and it starts snowing overnight. Or I just follow good weather sites and time my trip according to that wink.gif
About 6"-8" on the mountain. Some light clouds, periods of sun. Did Sella Ronda "orange" route my first day. Lots of riding lifts and skiing seem to be the best in Arraba and Marmolada. Otherwise it is loads of easy to intermediate runs - good for day 1. Scoped some "off piste" runs and there are plenty of them, tourists do not seem to care about it. Got few comments about my "fat" skis - Elan Spire 98mm ? Mostly it is in 70's and 80's.

I should start a new thread and post some pictures. And whoever claims that food in Italy/Dolomites is great - they are right !!!
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Yes. Post pictures. And if you must post GoPro, make sure it's the scenery and not your ski tips.
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That sounds awesome!


My kids have school holiday 22 Feb, and I've booked us a ski safari skiing from hut to hut for 7 nights.  We are totally excited.  This was the year for us to do it as the snow there right now is fab - and my husband, their father has to work, and he can't really ski anyway, so if he comes along we all stay together, but no obligations this time, snow conditions are at their best.  The stars have aligned themselves.


In a few days we hear which program my daughter will do, in Holland or Davos, then I will know if I can sneak up to St. Anton.

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Dumping heaps in Italy at the moment - @goranmilos may be snowed in...don't know when you wanted to leave Wolkenstein, but you may not be able to leave any time this weekend.  But then again, after more than a meter of snow has landscaped the pistes, don't know that you'd want to!

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So, we've got the Altanaut gang and me definitely. Goranmilos could be there if the roads aren't blocked and maybe Heidi, though not as likely. I haven't seen anything from Chraya, Rsmillbern, and Dirksuchy, who were listed on the old roll call thread.

Anyone else meeting up in St. Anton next week? Also, if Heidi can't make it and no one else is staying in the Rauch, do we want to change meeting places?

FYI, it's been snowing regularly the last week or so, with more snow forecasted for next week. So, conditions look promising.
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Don't know exactly when folks are showing up, but JimInTokyo is meant to be there the 4th through the 7th.

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It looks like Heidi can't join us, and I can't see anyone else booked in the Rauch, so we'll need to change Gathering HQ.

We can meet up Sunday night at the Hotel Montfort (Dorfstrasse 57). It's on the main road, across from the church. If you're walking towards the Nasserein lift (i.e., downhill), then it'll be on your left. It's a fairly central location, so hopefully it's convenient for everyone. If not, we can find a new meeting point for the other days.

So, Sunday night at about 8:00 in the lobby of the Hotel Montfort. I'll post this in the main gathering thread and probably PM everyone as well just to be extra annoying.
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Unsurprisingly, I have decided to stick with Val Gardena and take advantage of extraordinary snowfalls. Great effort by many to organize this "meet up" but stars did not align this time for me to join and meet some of Epic skiers. It just shows how hard it is to organize this kinds of meet ups/ gatherings. I will keep my eyes open for any future attempts to organize Eurozone "gathering" but will remain noncommittal. It went from potentially 25 plus participants to , what it seems 4 (if that) and for that reason it did not seem very logical to me to leave great skiing environment of Dolomites and move over to St. Anton. To all still committed to St.Anton - have fun !!!
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Not surprised Goranmilos is staying in the Dolomites.  It is epic beyond epic there.


11 more sleeps and me and kids will be on our way.  Doc for my youngest gave me prednizone, should it all go pear shaped with her in the mountains.... feeling a whole lot better about going now, knowing I have a last trick to pull out of my back pocket... of course, hope she doesn't need it and the new meds regime will be in full swing, and life in general just looking brighter for her.

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Good day in St Anton today. Quite a bit of fresh snow last night, so plenty of powder to be found this morning. A bit of low visibility this afternoon as snow showers rolled through, but those were short periods.

Should snow some more tonight and the coming days, so it should be fun.
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Awesome!  Did you hook up with the Utah contingent?

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Take lots of pics! I'm big on mountain vistas. :-)
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It was a bit too cloudy for good photos today, but tomorrow or Tuesday should have better visibility.
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More fresh snow last night. Low clouds limited visibility a bit in the morning, but the skies cleared before noon. Good lines found throughout the day.
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Nice! Were they excited about Mathias Mayer winning the Downhill in Sochi? It was nearly the same time there right?

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Where are the pics?

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They're in Altanaut's phone (and her husband's). I've got a couple as well. We'll be posting as we all make our way home.

More snow fell this evening. We might do another day with an off-piste guide tomorrow.
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A nice dump last night left good snow all around the resort. We had a good last day, though it was all flat light for the last couple of hours. We're all heading home tomorrow.
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