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Binding Problem???

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Does anyone else have this problem?

When I ski in the park or pipe, sometimes my binding disengages when landing big hits...

Anybody have any rememdies? Any body?
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what binding?
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Sorry about that.

Cobras with Crispi CXP's...
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Ahh, never skied that binding. Sorry. Do you keep the tension on the boot pretty tight? I used to peel out of my Pitbulls more than I thought I should. It's wicked frustrating.

I'm putting the good money on the problem being the binding's tension on the boot and the boot's interface with the binding's toe.

I know that's a pretty weak reply. [img]redface.gif[/img]
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Actually, I have a little 'bit to offer. I've heard that the shape of Crispi's boots in the rear above the sole protrudes enough that the heel throw doesn't engage forward as much as with other boot brands. So, a BIG hit might give enough of a jiggle to release the throw.

Try putting the binding's heel throw above the boot sole's notch that's intended for the bindings heel throw. In other words, put that thing up above the sole instead of in the groove.

Go huck and repeat often.
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Is it possible to be running the tension too tight?

It's pretty cranked down... I'll check the back of the boot for the sole grooves...

Thanks guys. - Frank
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