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"Swallow" brand skis???

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Hi all...
I have a friend who just bought a used Randonee setup... the skis are "Swallow"... don't recognize the brand. What we'd like to know is edge bevel...

I suppose this might have gone under Gear, but more traffic here???

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Japaneese brand. Don't know if they're still in business.

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Sorry, I have no idea. Just was surprised to see "Swallow" skis mentioned because I recently bought a pair. Never heard of the brand. I think they were meant for the Japanese market. Anyone know anything about them???
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Yep Swallow was a Japanese brand that went belly up. They had an interesting looking split tailed ski out for awhile, never tried them. The Japanese skis I really liked were Nishizawa's, wonderful handmade woodcore skis - solid, smooth and reactive. I don't see them around anymore at all, anybody know if they are just not being imported anymore - or out of business?
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I have a pair of Swallows in the barn (the skis, not the birds). They were marketed along with Raichle (Sp?), I believe. They don't have a split tail, but they do have a central ridge down their length. I DO have some split tails in the barn too, but those were made by Hexcel.
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Yeah I think Hexcel was the only other company to ever make split tails. Kneale did your Hexcels ever develop that wonderful rattle from broken and loose internal structure?
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The rattle must of been from some of the (metal)honeycomb breaking down. Scott boots and Hexcel skis,now that was light weight.
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Nishizawa is no longer in business. The surviving Japanese brands are Mizuno and Ogasaka.
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I skied various Hexcel models, Todd, from '75 to about '90, including Comps, Super Comps, Primer Cord I & II and, last but my most favorite, Split Tails (four pair, I think). Never had a breakdown of the honeycomb aluminum core.
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I had a couple of pairs years ago, never any problems - but I've heard other folks talk of the "Hexcel Rattle", hence the curiosity.
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Todd M.:
Yeah I think Hexcel was the only other company to ever make split tails. Kneale did your Hexcels ever develop that wonderful rattle from broken and loose internal structure?<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Were they actually split-tails, or more like a swallow-tail? Hexcel's were a little before my time, and I've never seen a pair in person, but the Dynastar 4x4 BIGS were "split-tail" (ok, more like swallow tail) for a while, and next years Salomon AK Rockets will have a swallow-tail with a flare, making them the first swallow-tailed, twin-tipped skis. Hey, it sounds cool.
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Yes they are Japanese and they are still in business... They exhibited on ISPO 2002 Winter in Munchen some new skis and snowboards...
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Todd, I think the sound you refer to is the sort of "hollow" sound characteristic of Hexcels on ice. The skis had a distinctive sound all their own.

The resort where I used Hexcels the most was one of the test centers when Hexcel itself was still working on designs (before they sold off the ski line to Hanson). One of my ski school buddies from there became the national sales manager for Hexcel skis before that sale. He got me several pairs after Hub Zemke, the Hexcel engineer who oversaw the ski development, got the equipment back after the Hanson bankruptcy and continued production on his own.

I never heard anything about the aluminum honeycomb structure failing by breaking into chunks that could rattle.

BakerBoy, the tail of the Hexcel Split Tail actually had a "V" cut into them. The V started about 7 1/4 inches in from the end of the tail, at least on a 207 (I just went out to the barn and measured) and was about 1 1/4 inches wide at the end, leaving about an inch of material on each "tail". I remember when the Split Tail was being designed that Hub came around with a bunch of "Skunk Works" skis with various sized wedges cut out of the tail for testing.

The idea, as I understood the discussion at the time, was to have a more flexible tail that could keep its edge bite because twisting of the outside edge could occur without pulling the inside edge off the snow.
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We had a number of Swallows at Gart. Straight skis. If they are at Gart, they are old! I hope we start running out of all these straight skis. Gart seems to find them in teh woodwork somewhere, and they keep turning up!

On the other hand (I have five fingers) it would be nice to know where I could find a website that describes what these verious model skis were in their day so I could speak more intelligently about them. Customers ask me and i have to be honest and say, "I don't know." (Even though I'm older than dirt, myself!)
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Hexcel Split Tails

I loved my hexcel split tails. After 15 years in the shed, I brought them out to Taos one year, boy did I get some looks and comments! That is probably one of the few resorts where skiers remembered them. Coupled with those black Moose River Hummers (Hanson boots), they were a sight to see. They were FAST, never had a rattle problem either.
I still have a few pairs of those Hansons in the attic, nothing like a good rear-entry!
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Funny, I saw a teleskier up at Bridger a couple weeks ago on Hexcel splittails.

BTW - The Volkl Sanouk has a long split-tail.
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I searched for years for some single camber touring swallows, after renting some. Finally got some from a worker at the local Mont factory (before Mont moved ops to NZ). They are skinny but you can turn them cos they're single camber. AND they have these great half-circles routed into their bases, so you can climb in them on gentle slopes without need to put the skins on. Very light, of course. Really useful skis and they tend to be at saner prices than the Black Diamond/Trax etc el posho touring setups.
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