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Hell and back

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Hi boot experts

Wondering about a fit dilemma. Me:
47 yrs old Male
6'1 180lbs
Intermediate -advanced
East coast
Left foot 28.3 cm long and 105 wide
Right foot 27.5 and 108 wide

Currently in Daleboots 28/28.5. They seem to have been made for more of a comfort fit and I would like more of a performance fit. Intuitions had packed out so put in Zipfits. We're great at 1st but eventually needed more cork and right foot still not as secure as I'd like.

Local shop (owner seems to know his stuff) suggested 2 boots:
Nordica Hell and Back H1 (marked 27.0)
Full Tilt High Five (also 27.0)

With my footbeds, Nordica seems tight and a fair bit of toe pressure, yet despite this, it almost feels like I want a bit of padding around my right heel. Otherwise nice and snug with no significant pain. Left feels snug everywhere but no pain. When I put on the Full Tilt, it was even tighter in the toe (jammed right against end) and heel felt solid.

Both boots had about 1 finger in shell on left, and 1.5 on right, and in both, toes pulled back upon flexing.

I'd have to say the Nordicas felt a bit better in the cuff when I flex forward (FT's seemed a bit lower on the leg). I liked the idea that the Nordicas have an aftermarket system where the soles can be canted, as I am experimenting with the Daleboots' soles and almost think I prefer a bit of thickness to the outside, which I could replicate if necessary. Can Full Tilt soles be planed if need be?

My main dilemma is whether the snug fit of the Nordicas is correct and a bit of foam could be added to either side of the right heel to help with that one area not quite tight enough, or if this would be wrong and I should consider the Full Tilts, which are tight everywhere. My only hesitation about the FT's is that I don't do any type of park skiing and I wonder if this is what they are geared for.
Any advice or comments would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks Boot Guys
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If your heel is stil moving in the boot, when new, its not going to get any tighter on its own.


best to try some narrower fitting boots?   if the nordica H1 was close, try patron?

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