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Yakima Fat Cat 6

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Anyone else have a hard time locking their skis on the Yakima Fat Cat 6? When there are skis in the rack I can't turn the lock. When there are no skis in the rack I can turn the locks just fine. Anyone experience the same thing or have a recommendation on how to fix it?
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If you clamp them down too far you won't be able to turn the lock all the way. It's a bit unnerving but just clamp them down to the where it first catches and the lock will turn with no resistance. You can double check by pushing up on the rack and will find it doesn't release. Hope this helps.
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Also, if you are just putting 1 or 2 pairs in the rack put them towards the center. If you put them near the opening the bars will be far from parallel and the lock will be hard to turn.

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