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MA request -- New to racing

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Hi everyone, I was hoping you wouldn't mind taking a look at my skiing and giving my some tips on how to improve.  I've recently started racing and I've been less than brilliant in the gates thus far.  Unfortunately I wasn't able to get any footage of me skiing gates although I do have some videos of me skiing short turns on my slalom skis from last weekend.  Any tips -- either based on my skiing in the videos or regarding racing in general -- would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!

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Ill ma when you get someone to video you with out holding the phone like phone and holding the phone like a camera.

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A general rule of thumb for video is that the skier should take up 1/2 to 2/3 of the frame if you want to get the best analysis. Using the third clip, you have a vertical extension pop to initiate your turns and you lead your weight to the inside of the new turn with your upper body. You do get strong edge angles after the fall line, but this type of skiing is going to get punished severely in the gates where it helps to think of most of the turn happening before the gate. Shallow turns get you down the hill fast, but round turns get you through the race course fast. Start by focusing on finishing the end of your turns more across the hill. This will help set you up to start the top of your next turn with a more rounded shape. You're going to need more help after that, but that is my recommendation for your first step.

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