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Best Skis To Demo??

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I'm an advanced, level 8 skiier, 37 years old, 5'9", 183lbs.  I always ski in the west, usually  Salt Lake City, Tahoe, Colorado, California.  I try to get in about 30-40 days per season and prefer moguls, tree runs, powder, steeps, & side-country.  I don't really care about speed at all and only take groomers if I have to.  Not really into the park or tricks but do like hucking small rocks and cliffs.  I really prefer short, linked turns, not really into deep carving or long GS turns and I like playful skis.  I also like to ski first chair through last chair so I don't want skis so super stiff that I'm completely gassed before noon.


I'm trying to find a one-quiver ski to use every day except super deep powder days, I'll rent a pair for those few & far between days.  Otherwise want something to really enjoy all over.


I'm on a really short pair of Salomon 2012's right now, 163's, and I'm really overpowering them. They are great skis most of the time but any crud or powder and they just sink.  I love the turn radius though and hope to find something with similar turn radius but longer, more stable, and much better in crud & powder.

Any suggestions on which skis to try demoing and what size?  I'm thinking between 170-180, just not sure which number to be closer to.



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I just got a pair of Surface Live Life skis which are popular here in Utah.  I weight 160 lbs and am skiing on the 181cm length.  They're absolutely amazing off piste, but on piste they're not the best -- I bought them as my AT skis since they don't have a metal topsheet and are quite light.  I also own a pair of Atomic Rituals that I love both on and off piste.  They're heavier, but are my favorite skis for all conditions.  I ski a 182cm length.  With the early rise in most skis nowadays, you can afford to go a bit longer than you would have a few years ago.  Check out for some very insightful reviews of the types of skis you're looking for.


Good luck!


T. -

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Welcome to EpicSki.  Your preferences for skiing are very similar to mine.  I'm about 5'8" and 150 pounds.  My daily driver for the past two seasons has been a 170cm Nordica Steadfast.  I've used in powder up to around 20" and it wasn't the best but in anything up to around 12" it's great.  Early rise tip, slightly turned up tail, 90mm waist, camber, lightweight, very responsive and plenty of rebound.  It also carves really well on the groomers. While the Steadfast doesn't tolerate sloppy technique very well, it isn't really a demanding ski.  The other ski I use is a 174cm Atomic Ritual, tip and tail rocker, twin tip, camber, 103mm waist, fairly light since it doesn't have a layer of metal.  It isn't the rocket the Steadfast is and doesn't carve as well as the Steadfast, but it is quick and very responsive.  I ski the trees a lot so responsiveness is really important to me.  The Alibi is basically the same design ski but only 98mm.  See if you can some demos of these and give them a try.

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Great, thanks for the info!   I can't seem to find the Surface Live Life demos anywhere but those atomic & nordica are all over.   I'm heading up to Utah this weekend, gonna give the following demos a try:

Atomic Alibi
Atomic Ritual
Nordica Steadfast
Armada TST
Line Prophet 98

Line Sick Day

Dynastar Cham 97
Rossignol Soul 7 (I tried this last weekend at Snowbird and didn't like it but may give it another shot)


I also tried the well touted Blizzard Bonafide and found it kind of boring to ski.  It was so stiff all it did was cut through everything, seemed to be made for just speed & carving, no playfulness at all.


Anyone have any feedback on any of the above skis?

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