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Rossi Soul 7

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I'm 5'-9", 150 lbs.  Would the Soul 7 in 172 length be too stiff?  I like a ski that can turn well in tight tree lines with powder.

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Definitely not too stiff.  


This is a very easy-turning ski.  Its wheelhouse is tight tree lines in powder.


We've had quite a bit of powder here in Jackson Hole over the last two weeks and I can't tell you how may Soul 7's I'm seeing on the hill.  They're on the feet of a HUGE range of ability-level skiers and everybody seems happy.


disclaimer - I'm an on-hill rep for Rossignol so I'm biased.

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Thanks Bob!  I was going to get the Sin 7 but it is not available anymore.

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I demo'd both and they were very different, I didn't like the Sin very much and fell in love with the Soul.  The Sin was more different than just being more narrow.

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If I had a dollar for everytime Mango Jazz said he didn't like the Sin 7.........

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^^^^^^ Actually vicious intra-company Rossi politics where group that designed Soul 7 pays him by the word to slander Sin 7, from rival group down the hall. Whatyagonnado about those frogs, huh?

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The pancake people called..........they said F waffles!!!!!!

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