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Help me chose a ski (Intermediate-Advanced). Head Peak 82 vs 84

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First of all, thanks to this forum... I had an amazing week long ski trip to Park City Mountain Resort and was able to get my skill levels up from beginner-Int to Int-Advanced and able to do Black Diamond now. 


While renting out a Demo Skis I realized the huge difference the skis actually make compared to renting out basic skis here at Perfect North Slopes in Indiana. I tried out Blizzard Bramha and I kinda feel that those skis are perfect for me. 


But for starters, I think I should go slow and buy Bramha later when they come down in price. 

So I was looking for used skis on ebay, cheap to play with and get used to "having own skis" feeling. 


So I can win a brand new Head Peak 82 ski (177) for $175 shipped with bindings. 

Or a "used" Head Peak 84 (177) with bindings for about $220 shipped. 


Any recommendation on which could be better skis in your opinion?


I am 6'1 (186 cm) tall, 190 lbs. I want skis that could do better in Moguls/bumps and are similar to Bramha. 


Thanks in advance for your expert insights :)

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The 84 got sold. So pretty much I need to decide if I should go ahead and buy Head Peak 82. Can someone please give me a word about it? I think its a solid deal .. Brand New $175 shipped with bindings. 


Also, some more info on my need.

- Will be skiing about 8-10 days a season here in Indiana. Mostly artificial snow. 

- Will be skiing mostly Groomed runs and Moguls. 

- Skill level "Adv. Intermediate" and developing quite quick (32 yo, have ski'ed for about 15 days in my whole life so far but managed to do Black Diamond in PCMR though with some struggle against Moguls)

- 6'1 Tall, 190 lbs. 

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Any inputs guys? Thanks.

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What do you have for boots ? were they fit by a good, no great boot fitter ? Your at a level now where good boots make a world if difference.

If you want a good ski you should demo some 82-88mm waist skis. If you reeally want skis, I'd say go with one that is about 170cm long. Not sure if you've ever been on a Volkl Kendo. I'm a volkl guy, love my 3 y/o Kendo's, they have around 90 day's on them and still ski great.

It's really hard to put you on a ski, with good boots you should be able to tell one ski from another. For the past few years the crop of high ends skis have all been pretty great, but they have a different feel and feed back.

We tell most people, demo, demo, demo...

may look at Ski magazines gear guides from a couple years back and see if a ski pops out at you.
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Once you get the new stuff, you may want to take a lesson before you develop to many bad habits.

Lok into one of the Epic sponsord ski trips. You can get some great couching there and meet some of the fellow members. I did one at Stowe a few years back and got to spend 3 days with Mike Rogan. Amazing couching. I still remember what he taught me and still can hear his words as I ski.
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Thank you very much for your input here.


I haven't bought the boots yet and I did a big mistake of not going to a boot fitter shop when I was in Utah. Now I am back to Indiana and no good boot fitters around so I am kinda stuck for a while now. I will be sticking to crappy rental boots for now. Just need to get skis since these are cheap.


Being in Indiana, I can not demo. No option.
Hence asking if Peak 82 are any good skis for an Adv. Intermediate (Skill Level 7) like me.

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You were at Park City and didn't go see Brent Amsbury, one of the best fitters in the country.:nono:

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