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Skins for Völkl G4.

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What kind of skins do people use on their G4s? I´ve just got myself a pair and all i lack now is friction. Also what about the tips of the skins?
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100mm wide BD ascension's with the ?quick clip? not sure of the name tail connection. The front of the skins have a metal rectangular loop which hooks over the tip of the ski. The tail has a metal cam type plate which can be hooked onto the tail of the ski.
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I use Ascension skis with the "euro" rubber tip. It's a little tough to fit the tip's wire bail over the G4's ski tip cover. I'm thinking of grinding down the tip cover to make it easier to put on. I think I also will file a groove in the tail to center the tail hook. K2 does this with the telemark skis.
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With the clip fix dealee you will not have to file a notch in the skis.
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