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Philipp Schmid - Adelboden - DSQ?

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In the slalom, Phillipp Schmid hiked at a hairpin. I thought he never passed through the first gate of the hairpin, but he wasnt disqualified. It looked like he poked his tips through, but never passed through with his boots. If I were gate judge, I would have disqualified him. What am I missing?


Sorry I dont know how to extract a video clip.

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I could not find the video on youtube but from what I remember, two guys climbed of which one kind of didn't go all the way IMO either. I would say that on WC level you don't get away with a stunt like that.

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He definitely didn't break the plane with his boots (can't find a clip online either) ... but he was too slow to earn any WC points and he surely doesn't need a 98 point FIS result, so ... no big deal. But it definitely looks like he should have been a DQ ...

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