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Asking too much: the best all round ski

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I know this is asking too much, and in an ideal and more lucrative world we would all have more skis, but:

What would be the best recommended configuration for ALL of the following:

- mostly offpiste
- but still quite a lot of piste miles
- bit of park use, tricks
- 3 weeks touring per year

For example, I've been thinking Salomon 1080's with the Diamir Freeride.

But then I've heard good things about the Rossignol Scratch's, and the Bandit X's.

What are your thoughts (apart from get a better paid job)?

Thanks in advance for your knowledge and generousity,

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Y├Ástmark Mountain Noodle is by far the best ski for what you describe, best part is you'll probably pay under $225 for a brand new pair. Here in New England they come as low as $150. They are a Y├Ástmark design, and handcrafted by Elan in Slovenia.

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If you're talking AT setups, I would say Atomic R.ex in the appropriate length and Fritschi Freeride.

Can handle everything from hardpack to deep-ish powder. if you get them short, they are quick in the trees, manageable in the moguls and have enough sidecut to be fun on groomed.

Wide and light means easy uphill touring and stable landings in the park, and they have enough upturn in the tail to ride fakie in hardpack. The G4 has a little more, but is not as light.

I'm about to move my Freerides from a pair of Nordica Ultrawaves to one of the above.
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Depends how serious you are about the park. You could definitely narrow down your choices by looking at true twin tips- Scratch BC, K2 AK enemy, and Pocket Rocket. I just got a pair of PR's with freerides but haven't mounted them yet. The Scratch BC has almost the exact same measurements, but I haven't heard too much about it, maybe a little stiffer though? 10ex, PR, and Scratch, are all reasonably light for touring compared to the G4, especially considering their width, 10ex and G4 would probably be the best of these for high speed arcs on groomers and for icy conditions. Not the bandit x if your emphasis is off piste, the bandit xx might be a great all around choice for the 1 ski quiver though, better on piste than the true fats, very competent off-piste, and should have enough of a twin tip for fun in the park. I definitely think freerides are your best bet for bindings. I'm not sure how some of the park skis, which are reasonably fat like the 1080 and the scratch FS are off-piste. Anyway good luck!
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I'm in Europe and the Zag's (www.zagskis.com) are getting great reports. Anyone tried them? Also I tried a pair of Salomon Crossmax 10's recently and found them superb. If I could get that kind of performance...?

Thanks for the help so far!

Also... any tips on boots meeting the initial criteria.. I'm currently using a pair of Nordica TR9s which I'm finding have way too much flexibility in ski mode.

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10ex and scarpa lasers.


The 10ex is light, fat, and has good sidecut for hardpack.

The lasers are light and easy to walk in.


10ex - none for me. Some people think there are too stiff.

Lasers - a tad soft.
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" - mostly offpiste
- but still quite a lot of piste miles
- bit of park use, tricks
- 3 weeks touring per year"

You're asking quite a lot, but there are skis come pretty close.

I'll second two different suggestions already made. Harpo's recommendation of the Ten Ex is great. It's a very popular crossover (in-resort/backcountry) ski. Light weight, good sidecut, skis the piste extremely well IF YOU'RE GOING FAIRLY FAST, fun ski. My only reservation on it is that I believe it really doesn't "light up" until your speeds get fairly high. Having skied with Harpo, I completely understand why he likes it so much.

The ski I chose as my all-around resort/backcountry ski is the Rossi Bandit XX. Like hot sauce said, it is excellent on hard snow, skis off-piste very well, has a bit more of a turned-up tail than the Ten Ex, and is just a superb all-round ski. It is a bit heavier than the Ten Ex. Also, I think it's just a bit "easier" ski if you're making shorter turns in tighter spots at sub-mach speeds. Also on the downside, some people say that the Bandit series aren't as durable or "lose their life" faster than wood-core skis. I guess I've never personally experienced that, so you're on your own on that one.

I also ski the Scarpa Lazer and would agree with Harpo that it's lightweight, easy to hike in, and skis well, but not with quite the same control and response of a downhill boot. Lowa and Garmont now have some pretty good-looking AT boots as well, but I've found no reason to look beyond my Lazers.

Have fun,

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Thanks everyone who's given A LOT of useful information here! Would that there were more test centres!!

I've just had an email from http://www.telemark-pyrenees.com/ telling me that they're starting their end of season sale this weekend - 25% off all skis!!
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I hope my message is not too late for you. I'm a tele skier, but all of my friends have A.T. gear and I've looked at getting gear so heres some things: Those atomics don't have very good twin tips for the park. The Solomon 1080's and the scratch bc's don't have a notch for your skins if you use ascention skins. My buddy has a pair of the 1080's and its a pain for him to use his skins if they get wet(especially on long hut trips and things. The XXX's have a good enough twintip for jibbing, and you can put skins on them very easily. Also Karhu makes a ski called the Jak that I use that rocks for skiing powder/cliffs(It's damp, progressively stiff and is (127-97-117) and it has a notch for skins. Late.
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