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Lange RS 130 (26.5) and Zip-Fit liners

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Good Morning Bootfitters:


This is my third season skiing the lange rs 130, the 97 mm lower volume version.  Believing the liners were pretty packed out after two seasons, I opted to replace them with the Zip-Fit Gara which i understand to be their lowest volume liner.  I tried to use a world cup zip-fit liner (lowest volume before the Gara came along) i already had, and that just had too much volume for the shell hence the purchase of the Gara.


My first attempts in the boots after molding the Zip-Fit Gara liner went poorly.  the pain or discomfort emanated just in front of my heel, or at the back of the arch just in front of the heel and felt as if that area was pinched between the inside and the outside of the boot.  The left boot pinches in that area more than the right.  I then re-heated and re-fitted the liners a second time, which alleviated an awful lot of the discomfort but not all.


The left boot especially, still pinches just in front of the heel cup (at the back or rear part of my arch).  This in turn leaves me feeling like my feet are not fully flat in the foot bed like they should be.  So, i have two questions really, one for the current time and a future oriented one: 1) can an expert boot-fitter help me get the little bit more volume in that area of the boot to make the current Gara Liner and RS 130 fit my foot better; and, 2) for the future, would the wider RS-130 or RX-130 better accommodate my foot if i wish to use one of the zip-fit liners in my next set of boots?


I guess the other option is getting another set of stock lange liners.  I was hoping to get back into zip-fits as i appreciate the extra warmth and absolutely love the vice-grip like hold in the heel pocket.


Thanks for your time guys, i appreciate it.



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get after the cork flo material, move it away from the points of pressure and into the voids and softer areas of the foot.


thumb and fore finger massaging and moving the flo where it needs to be for containment, and away from the hard boney spots.



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excellent, thank you Jim.  I guess that answers what i'll be doing after work this evening.  dave

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