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binding remount

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Hi guys,

thinking of buying a 2nd-hand pair of Line Sir Francis Bacon's, mounted with Marker Griffon bindings. The SFB's have 3 mounting points, Park, Line's, & Powder. Seems odd that a ski touted as an "all-mountain ski" would have 3 mounting positions, effectively turning it into 3 types of skis??!

They're currently mounted on Line's recommendation. My dilemma: the owner's shell size is 307, mine is 294, apparently there's only 10mm of movement, meaning I'll have to have them re-mounted.

Do both the toe and heel piece need to be remounted? Or should they? 

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So ..... (307-294)+10= -3mm?  I wouldn't sweat that small a difference.

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It depends on where the bindings were in their adjustment when mounted for the 307 boots. If they were right in the center (meaning you can go 10mm up or down), you might have to remount. If they aren't, you might get away with not remounting once they're moved to the smallest size they can go. Put them at the smallest adjustment level, click you're boot in, see how it feels. If it seems like it might work, take them to the shop and get them torque tested.


Personally, I'd probably remount the heel piece if necessary. This will give you a slightly more forward mount, but probably nothing too major. You'd be in the same place you'd be with just adjusting the heel piece and not remounting.

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Thanks Marcus

that sounds like good advice. I worked as a "skiman" (English borrowing that the French use), i.e. ski technician for a season in Val Thorens in the 80's, & remounted my 195cms Dynamic SL VR27's in those days, & 3mm made a lot of difference. I wouldn't want my boot to have 3mm of play whilst skiing down a black slope, or any slope for that matter.

I think having the heel slightly forward won't make a great deal of difference to my skiing (despite Line saying more forward is for the park), as I didn't ski for 24 years (started again in May 2012, 2 days on Blackcomb), & now transitioning from an "80's style" to a more modern style, thanks to the help of Yoyo, Japanese instructor in Whistler.

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