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Steamboat ski rentals?

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Coming out that way for a meeting in a week or so. I'll only be able to ski for a day or day and a half. So I'm thinking about bringing my boots and renting skis.

Any suggestions?
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sure, easy enough:  


1- steamboat bike and kare at the base, 


2- Steamboat rentals at the base


what are you looking for? 

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Something suited for the conditions, whatever they may be in a week, and not ridiculously priced.

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either of those 2 are fine.  Steamboat rentals has a larger selection.  rent from the sheraton location at the base.   

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Ski & Bike Kare's prices are ridiculous.


Any thoughts on Ski HausChristy Sports, or Terry Sports?


If it makes a difference, I'm staying at the Grand, apparently.

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what about steamboat rentals?  I know their demo ski's are about 50 per day.  Any other place is fine too. I am pretty sure all pricing is about the same.

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