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Here's a cute little thing: when I submit a post the editing box momentarily goes blank, then the word "false" appears at the top of the box for less than a second before I'm taken back to the thread. No problem with the posts or drafting them, just this strange suggestion that I might be bending the truth. redface.gif I imagine it's as low a priority as a bug could be.
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Can you give me OS and Browser info, I can report it and see if any other sites are seeing anything similar. 

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Sorry, I broke the Innertubz and forgot all about it. I'm on Maverick using Firefox 26.0. Thanks!
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Thanks, still haven't seen anything similar, but I'll keep it in mind. 

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Oh this is maddening! It appeared on a page and I did a grab but now can't file it--and now either I get nothing in the sidebar or other trip reviews, so I went to the trip review forum and found the picture in question. It's the next to last photo of the review, and it's really not that bad unless you enlarge it, at which point it just looks weird with the brawny skiers next to the curvy girls:

I'm guessing the women are skiers too and doing the picture as a silly vacation joke. It's not like a naked Lange girl or other advertising piece of flesh. I'm not a prude (at least I think I'm not), and it would be crazy to stop someone from posting that picture in a TR. To give credit where credit is due, even in the Mancuso thread, people are now accompanying their sexy ad photos with a great shot of the same woman skiing, and there's some dialog about it going on.

So never mind. I'll get over myself. Back into my little world.
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