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Fractured Humerus - Recovery Time?

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Took a spill and suffered a non-displaced spiral fracture w/ butterfly fragment to the distal (bottom) third of my left humerus 9 days ago. The bad news is that the timing was terrible, as I was supposed to be taking a "guys" trip to Revelstoke this week. As you can probably imagine, I'm incredibly bummed out. The good news is that I'm right handed and also that my orthopedic surgeon felt that surgery wouldn't be necessary. 

9 days out from the date of the injury - I've been fitted with an upper arm brace, and I can let my arm hang at my side without much discomfort. My orthopedic surgeon informed me that the sooner I could get out of the sling, and start lightly moving my elbow, the better off I would be in terms of recovering my range of motion. I'm still very swollen, and I tend to get some discomfort while sleeping, but at this point I'm not taking any pain med's. The worst part of this whole situation is seeing the awesome pictures my buddies have been posting from Revelstoke the past 2 days! Fortunately though, the arm seems to get a little better each day, albeit slowly.

Ultimately, I'm curious if anyone on the forum has any experience with a similar injury, and what the recovery time is like? (aka - when can I ski again? haha...)

Thanks for the help guys!

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Gosh, KrKesting - what a (literally) bad break for you! You are right - sounds as if it could not have been worse timing. I can't say that I have had the same unfortunate injury as you, but I would suggest that you ask your surgeon for an opinion on when you can safely ski again, and follow that recommendation. It seems that many ortho surgeons ski - at least, most of mine do. So hopefully, he/she will "get it". Which doesn't necessarily mean that he/she will give you early approval to get back to skiing, though. Most importantly, you want to have your bone well-healed before you stress it, or you could cause additional problems down the line. 


Make a list of other activities which you like to do, and which will help keep you in shape, and ask your ortho about when you can do each of them, and then keep busy that way. Not the same, I know (as I sit here recovering from foot surgery). . . . .


Best of luck to you for quick healing!


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