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Hi All,


I've been a lurker for quite a while, but decided to finally join and start posting.   I have a question about rockers on ski's and whether they would benefit me.    I guess I have always assumed they were meant for powder, but lately I've seen a lot more people riding them in less than ideal powder conditions.


I am 40 year old and I would consider myself a low-advanced skier (black diamonds and moguls are no problem, although my form probably isn't perfect.)   My current preferred resort is Sundance in Utah (not because I actually prefer it.  Mostly because my kids and I have season passes there and I'm working on getting my kids to be better skiers.)   Sundance is also 25 minutes from my house and Alta and Snowbird are 50 minutes away.


I'm currently skiing on Kastle FX94's that are a couple years old.   I love those ski's but can't help but wonder if I'm missing out by not having rockers on my ski's.   There are very few "powder" days at Sundance.   Most of my skiing is done in tracked-out runs that after a few days turn out to be fairly hard-packed snow.     Sometimes I gun it down a groomed run if I feel the need for speed.


So, am I missing out?   Do I need new ski's with rockers or am I ok skiing on the FX 94's?    Also, for the record, I have Dalbello KR2 fusions as my boots.


Thanks much for the help!!



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Welcome to Epic.  Do you need rocker?  Does anyone really need rocker?  The only way you can know if you even like it is to try it.  Nobody can give any assurance that you will or won't like it.  Just remember that there are many variations of rocker available.  My Nordica Steadfasts have an early rise tip and my Atomic Rituals have tip and tail rocker, what Atomic calls "All-mountain" rocker as opposed to their "Powder" rocker.  So, I'd advise demoing a pair with tip and tail rocker with camber and also something like the Volkl RTM 84 which is a full rocker ski.  And spend a day on each, not just a run or two.  Good luck.

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Had mixed feeling about rockers when they first came out............. now........... all of my Non rockered skis are my "Rock" Skis for skiing on dirt and rocks........... Rockered skis just upped the fun factor in skiing for me personally.............Like Mtcyc said,  try many different types before settling........... I went w/ the Bones (Blizzard Bonafide) for alpine & tele...........

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IMO rocker is great on all mountain skis. I am only addressing true all mountain skis here not rockered powder skis. Generally they make bump skiing MUCH easier in two ways. First the tip slinks over the bump better instead of crashing into the side as a non rocker can on an abrupt bump and secondly they are easier to pivot your turn esspecially if it also has some tail rocker. They are better in the trees for the same reasons. In chop they will ride over the broken snow much easier. There are no benefits on groomers if you are able to truly carve a turn although once you get the hang of them they aren't really a detriment either.  If you skid turns rather than carve them they are easier to ski as the tip isn't trying to engage as much making the turn easier. Some but not all rocked skis  have noticeable tip flap at speed which is not very desirable for high speed groomer skiing. Of course different skis have different characteristics and I have pointed out generalities that I have observe on a number of rockered skis that I have owned or demoed.

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lets be careful about the word"rocker" it means any amount of rise that is beyond the traditional point of contact. Rocker is a general description; not a definition.  

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Originally Posted by Finndog View Post

lets be careful about the word"rocker" it means any amount of rise that is beyond the traditional point of contact. Rocker is a general description; not a definition.  

I 100% agree. From the point of my post I tried to be clear that different skis have different characteristics and I was pointing out generalities.

A Blizzard Bushwacker skis very differently than a Nordica Steadfast, the same as  Blizzard Bonafide will ski very different than a Nordica Soul Rider. All of these skies have some variation of rocker or in the steadfast's case early rise. But I think my generalizations are correct.

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no worries Eric, I see these threads and cringe a little.  No issues with your post.  

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Totally agree w/ you guys............ My Bones are a completely diff beast than even my Cochise............... and a completely different ski to my Volkl Kuros........... They are all "Rockered" but that is where any similarity between these skis, verbal or otherwise ends...............


So be careful when shopping for "Rockers".................... Know what you are getting into and try before you buy!

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