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Rossi Sin 7

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Anyone try the Rossignol Sin 7?  If so, please give height, weight and level.

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I'm 51 6' 1'' 178 advanced.My piggy bank is finally filled and will be ordering the 188 with the stock rossi binding,axium 110xl , not the bright yellow ones but the black version.

I have been daydreaming ( I swear to you,everyday) since I was in Mammoth at the end of October when I had a chance to put my hands on them along with the yellow,orange and blue Rossis and am really excited about finally getting out on them,of course if it ever snows this year!

They will be my soft snow / powder ski.They will be replacing my Elan 1010  great ski but I want to be all rossignol all the time and believe the 98 wide sins, because of their design and my style will make every powder/soft snow turn I see as well as being as agile as possible with the 98 waist.

P.S: I will not talk about their HARDSNOW / CARVING capabilities ,their not made for that ( pet peeve of mine! )

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I'm 150lbs, 5'-9" and thinking of the 172 instead of the 180.

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I'm 5' 8-9", 148-150 lbs.  I have no idea what my ski level is: my kids and I ski everything from blues to double blacks, trees, bumps, and jumps. I demo'ed what I believe was the Sin 7 (96 waist, 172 length) a couple weeks ago up at Sugarloaf.  The ones I had were black and red -- nice looking, but I found them a bit too stiff for me.

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Thanks!  I found out the Sin 7 is sold out for the season so I ordered the Soul 7.  Hopefully they will not be too stiff.

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Originally Posted by mmpotash View Post

Thanks!  I found out the Sin 7 is sold out for the season so I ordered the Soul 7.  Hopefully they will not be too stiff.


The Sin 7 is not sold out for the season.  Take a look at  That was the first place and I looked and they have the ski in all lengths.

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The factory is sold out in 188,I was fortunate to find a demo pair today in mammoth that hadn't seen the snow yet,lucky it hasn't snowed, I guess.

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Pro deal is sold out.

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I just ordered a pair of Sin7 proform from rossi today and they were available.  180 length.



copying my impressions from another post I made about the Soul7 versus Sin7 on epicski below.


5'9" 185 pounds, 42 years old.  ski with the family most days so i was looking for something that I could really like on the frontside groomers with the family but I could also hop up to the top of the bowls and get some laps in without switching skis.  If i take my carvers for the family runs, they are worthless when I get a hallpass to go up top for some laps.  Sin7 accomplishes both well.





OK, coming back to post a follow up on my previous Sin7 versus Soul7 question.  I just had a chance to demo the Sin7 at Whistler today.  Two week old hardpack snow.... hard!   The Sin7 surprised me by how well it held up on the hardpack.  I took it through what I consider to be the single worst snow condition, 2-4" of man made on top of a sheet of ice.  They held up as good as frontside skis.  As the day softened, I was able to take them to some blue groomers and try to put them over on their sides like carving skis. To my surprise, they took an early edge and rode around a nice 15M radius carve. wow.  The soul7 wanted to carve and I'm sure it could sort of carve, but the sin7 would allow me to ride it like I ride my SL skis, rolling them over early and just following the radius around to the next turn.  what a surprise granted this is not a race sl ski but this is as close as you can get to a proper carving ski with nearly 100cm of waist as I've seen.  Next up was another not so lovely test condition....  hard ice patches between heavy slush moguls. yuck.  the sin7 did great in these.  edge hold for the icy crap with those nice powder shovels up front to float through the heavy slush without missing a beat.  Did my sin7s just make the slush feel like it wasn't there because i just cruised through it, yep.  The sin7 was much quicker through the moguls edge to edge than the soul 7 and the swing weight felt about the same even though the sin doesn't have the fancy tips like the soul.  they felt the same in weight to me but I really appreciated the more nimble feel of the sin.  So... if you already have an all mountain ski and want a powder ski that can still hold a little edge, the soul7 is really amazing.  If you want a do everything well 100cm ski that can also carve frontside groomers, the sin7 is the better ski.  I've just found a ski that when I get on a plane, I will be content just taking one set no matter what I'm going to get on the other side when I arrive.  The only downside I can see is I'm not sure I would want to take them warp 6 doing GS turns.  but then again, i dont think I would do that with anything that has a powder front shovel, period.   Both are great, soul for charging the bowls, sin for charging the whole mountain and the bowls.

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