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Alpine Trekkers.

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Anyone use/used these? I´m considering getting myself a pair, so try to convince me they really work! Good/bad things, anything!

Thank you!
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There was a thread on these earlier that got a few responses so you might want to try searching for it. From what I remember, people said they work OK, but they're definitely more awkward and slow for climbing. The thing about Trekkers at around $170 is that they're almost as expensive as real AT bindings. I got a pair of Fritschi Freerides with a DIN of 12 that you can use with alpine boots for $185 shipped from a guy that was selling them on ebay. I'm pretty sure he has some left, if you're at all interested I could give you his email.
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I would go with the freerides. The Trekkers work, but they are a little more burdensome, add more weight, and have lots of plastic parts that break. If you don't mind drilling new holes in your skis, the freerides are the way to go. The claim is that Freerides are for both bc and resort use, but I wouldn't use them everyday at the resort. I think for soft snow days, bc, and pow days, they are the way to go.
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I demoed the freerides the other day and I probably would have bought them if I would´nt have thought they loose the response my 912ti:s have, iffuknowwhattamean. Thing is:
A. Back here, I get the Trekkers for 1/4 of the price of the Freerdes
B. I really don´t climb that much, just occasionally to get to a nearby peak or so...
C. I really CAN NOT drill new holes in the skis since thee art not mine.
Believe me, I have thought about the Diamirs and others alike, but I just don´t need them all that much. I just want to know if I can rely on the Trekkers.
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stef, those are all good reasons (pretty much the only good reasons) to go w/ trekkers -- kind of cumbersome, rather heavy, and the added height makes uphill kick turns on a traversing skin track quite difficult . . . but given those caveats, it is a generally reliable device
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It sounds like the trekkers will work for you. One bit of advice, carry some tape and extra straps in case one of the buckles breaks or the rear bail breaks. I have used my trekkers about 30 times and have already replaced both straps and buckles and both of my rear bails are broke. They still work however and a roll of electricians tape has saved me from hours of frustration.
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Ahh... the good ol' "jesus tape". Don´t leave home without it kids! Anyways, thanks for the advice, tips and tricks. I feel alot more confident now.

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I use the trekkers for short hikes out of bounds at ski areas
and they work great for that. Take a few supplies, tape, wire and a couple of screws and you can fix most problems you would encounter. They don't take up too much room in your pack so I take them even if I am not positive I will be going o/b. Then you gottem if you needem. In the ten years I have had them I have gone through at least eight pairs of skis.
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Got my treckers today only to notice that they dont
fit to my BINDINGS!!!!!
I have rossingol freeride 140:s.
When you put your trekker to the binding, and then your
boot to the trekker, the heel of the boot cannot touch
the trecker! It touches the "schlong" of the rear binding!
The heel is only 1.5cm away (in vertical distance ) from the
trekker. If you put the trecker on the firs ascent set up, there
is no problems, but without it, the heel of the boot pushes
the "schlong".
Any advices??!! Anyone of you encountered the same problem??! In the trecker instruction there were no mentions of non-compability with rossi/look bindings
so this is a bit dissapointing.
The solutions to the problem that I´ve come up with is

-to drill a new hole for the toe piece about 1cm forward.
Should´n affect the movement or durability of the trecker.
-Cut & Grind the plastic from the heelpiece of the binding.
Would´n like to do that. A bit drastic measure...
Don´t know how it would affect the internals.
-Put a small piece of something under the plastic heelpiece
of the trecker to create a small "lift". Then you would have
to ski with the "lift" all the time, even on the flats.
That would suck.

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mikä wuitun schlong??
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That sucks,
Is there any way you can return them? I too have a pair of the Rossi axial 120 t-plate binders and I did come across a warning from someone when I was looking into trekkers. They should mention that in their promotional materials. I think the bindings are great though, a lot of people have said on this site that Rossi/Look bindings are less likely to pre-release than other brands, and I myself don't think I've ever had a prerelease with these. On my old Tyrolia 690's I prereleased all the time, especially in bumps.
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The only problem is that there are no options for trekkers...
I wont buy diamirs (they propably wont last in my use)
and i definetly won´t change to different brand of bindings!
And securafix`s suck big time too. Seen too many pairs
malfunction (my friends).
So the only option i guess is to get the tools from the shed...

Heh. Schlong on synonyymi Johnssonille...
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The Rossis have an enormous "schlong". Biggest ones I´ve seen, and I´ve seen some huge "Schlongs"...
Where did you get the Trekkers?
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Ostin käytettynä.
Niitä saa uutena rovanniemen freelife:sta
ja tampereen/hgin freeheelsistä.
Eikun laikka käteen ja kantaosaa hiomaan...
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katos täällähän on suomalaisia =)
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No mitä odotit? Eihän rakassakaan jaksa pitkään...
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