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Boot modifications for pronator

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Looks like I'm pronator, my foot rolls inside, pushing my ankle's inside bone more inside and that reduces the gap between bone and boot to minimum. That hurts. There is enough space if ankle is in the middle of the boot. Unfortunately I did not notice that when I bought my boots, or it became worse.

What should I start with?

1. Custom footbeds like Sidas Winter Custom Pro. will they help me? No additional support for the foot... not sure.

2. Pushing the outer shell out where my anklebone is.


Please advise.


Unfortunately I don't have a good boot fitter near me, but there are guys who can heat and pull boot's outer shell...

Thank you.


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hello nick,


start with a quick shell check to see if you are in the correct length boot. read the articles on shell sizing and shell check.


then footbed first, then shell or liner mods.


if you could find a good fitter, it would not hurt to get an assessment on the ROM of your ankle.



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Everyone is both a pronator and supinator and each turn you make has one foot trying to pronate and the other trying to supinate.  The fact that your ankle bones hit the shell doesn't by itself indicate anything unusual.  It could simply indicate your ankle bones (malleoli) and the shell ankle pockets don't align perfectly.  Best thing as Jim said is to have someone with some training assess your foot position and the shell fit.  Then proceed with their recommendations.



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Thank you for responses.

I do have boot correct length (less than 2 thingers shell fit) and width 1-2mm. So if foot is not centered (like my bone) it touches shell.

I don't have a good bootfitter locally, I'm going to big mountains (3 valleys, France) next week and I can search for bootfitter there, but it is a lottery.

What I can do locally is I can make Sidas heat molded footbeds to save time and maybe money.

What would you do? Go for Sidas locally or wait for expert in big mountains?


First time I hit my bone problem at the resort, I found a bootfitter, he pulled out the shell, but I could not check if it helped, cause my foot was too damaged.



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I mean if you as a good bootfitter point me to custom footbeds first, then I can do it locally and save time.

I think Sidas heating device does not need extra skills to make a footbed, right?




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Nick, if you are going to 3 vallees in france then try Bootlab in courcheval 1650, they can mold you a set of beds and do any shell work required


it is not the machine that makes the footbed, it is the boot fitter so skills are pretty important 

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Thanks for tip. I will be at Meribel/Mottaret.

Is it http://www.thebootlab.co.uk/?

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thats the one

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all footbeds are not created equal……or it ain't the meat it's the motion, if you catch my drift.



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I did as you said and it was the right way. You can do a modification and try it next day. It is cost effective too.

The guy was professional enough to make adjustments. Custom footbeds (insoles) helped a bit and that bit was enough to leave ankle point unmodified.

Then he stretch the boot in forefoot, I had 1-2mm shell fit in terms of width.

I still feel some discomfort and foot is getting cold during first 2 hours in the morning, it feels like not enough space height wise in the forefoot, cause custom footbed is a little bit fatter.

Probably I need half size bigger boots, but within the same shell. 26.0 vs 26.5. Too late now.



1. Do shell fit, but not so aggressive if you are not a racer.

2. Salomon's custom shell is a good idea probably, I wish I have it.

3. Do bootfitting where you ski and better buy boots where you ski, even if it is more expensive. You will save money and time.


Thanks to all!



The bootfitter work at www.precisionski.fr



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uh……there is no such thing as a half size in boots. there are some boot fitters that like to continue the myth that different thickness of sock liners exist, however when it comes to the the last 10 years production of alpine boots, that myth is not true. manufacturers put 2 different size stickers on the exact same size boots and give the retailer the choice of what they want to buy.


a 26 and a 26.5 are exactly the same. 


for continued fit issues revert back to what you already have discovered, which is that a good boot fitter can resolve anything. it may be forefoot width, but it could also be nerve compression further upstream from the toes where the blood and nerves are exposed to down pressure from the tongue on the top of your instep bump. either one is an easy fix for a good boot fitter.



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