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Following several conversations this past couple of weeks with people not so happy with the websites information, I am posting up some helpful links that I use and have found to accurate.  Of course, the weather in the mountains can change in 15 minutes so never go up the mountain without proper gear. 



This link is to the weather lab on top of the mountain. It will give you accurate temperature and wind speed. Also, please note the thermometer on the snowcam is broken (it never worked) so do not think its 20*!


This site is far more accurate for weather predictions.  


The website links you to the weather report for downtown not on the mountain.   


NOAA site - Please note the reference location should be positioned on the mountain, this link should take you to the DRI storm Peak observatory reference location. If not, click on the map slightly to the right of downtown Steamboat to the peak. about 1.5" to the right of the "40" mark on the highway

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