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Summit Stage to Copper?

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Has anyone taken the Summit Stage free bus from Frisco to Copper? Do you find it convenient?


The reason I ask is, I spend 6 days skiing Copper last week. I noticed it took something like 20-30 minutes from the time I arrive at the Alpine lot to the time I'm on the lift! 


Add in the drive time, the time to clean the snow off the car, scrape the ice off the windshield, it easily took up nearly an hr!!! 


When I got stuck by cancelled flight, I found the cheapest room, which happen to be the Ramada at Frisco. The Summit Stage station was right outside the door. Looking at the schedule, it would actually beat driving and then taking the bus from Alpine lot. Not to mention all the hassle. 


2 weeks prior to that, I was at Steamboat. Staying at a motel which happened to have the free town bus right outside the door. I took the bus everyday and it was zero hassle. In the morning, I hopped on the bus, passing all the people who were digging their car out of the snow. Hopped off right outside the base lodge and right up onto the gondola! I only used my car for going out to eat dinner, and it worked out great. 


Granted, the Steamboat bus ride was pretty short. And it came every 20 minutes. The Summit Stage is every 30 minutes and the ride is also longer. But if it's running mostly on time and/or close to on time, I wonder if it may beats the hassle of driving to Alpine lot only to end up taking another shuttle anyway? 


I'll be going back to Copper later in the season. The 20-30 minute transfer from Alpine lot to the base gets kind of old...

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Sure. The Summit stage bus to Copper is a great choice. Extra easy if you are staying close (walking distance) to the transfer station. Many locals park their cars at the transfer station and use the bus.

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I live in Frisco and walk/drive to the Summit Stage stop for the reasons you mentioned.  Most of the time, I imagine that it is easier than doing the Alpine lot (which I have only done a few times, but don't recall it being quite as long as you mentioned to get to the lifts).  During the holidays, there were a few days the bus was full and I had to wait (5-15 minutes) for them to add a second bus.  I think I had to stand once, but this is not an usually issue if you get on early in the route.

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Thanks for the "locals perspective". :)


I was too slow to realize how inefficient my drive-to-park-then-take-shuttle commute was. It took me 3-4 days before I notice how long the wait for shuttle was. And the walk from the car to the shuttle was almost longer than the walk from the hotel front door to the Summit Stage stop! 


I probably won't bother if I need to transfer bus. But from Frisco, I can see myself taking the Summit Stage instead of driving when going to Copper. 

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