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Breckenridge & Windy Days

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I'm heading to Breckenridge for a 5 day trip and I know the mountain has a reputation for some cold / windy days.  Does anyone have any advice or could recommend some runs / parts of the mountain that are relatively sheltered from the wind?   Thanks!

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I skied Breck today and it was windy, but as bad as I thought it would be.  Last evening we arrived and it was 100% WICKED out!  I was thinking it would be too terrible to ski today, which would've been a first. That lasted till dawn and the sun came out and the wind died down to manageable levels.  It was apparently very windy Friday and tomorrow it is supposed to be bad again.  The wind is part of skiing, it's worse when it's snowing and you can't see where you are going, esp at an unfamiliar resort. 


I wear one of those head baklava's that goes under my helmet. When it's real bad, put the hood up. That with the right clothes and goggles that aren't fogged will do the truck, except when it's snowing, blowing and very windy.  Then it's just tough, but like I said, it's part of it.

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E chair.
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C Chair, E Chair, and the Colorado Express are the least wind-affected "major" chairs on the mountain that still access good terrain.

Lifts like Chair 5, Chair 7 aka Rips Ride, A Chair, and Quicksilver are all low enough and sheltered, but really confine you to green groomers.


In high winds, it is very common for them to close the upper mountain lifts - Imperial, Chair 6.  They can usually keep the T-bar oirpen, but that can close on windy days.  Peak 10 often closes on windy days.  I've been there on days where they've had to close Mercury, Rocky Mountain Chair, and Peak 7.

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habacomike and afski thanks for the inputs!  Can't wait to get out there, and I'm glad I've got some guidance on where to hide out it gets particularly cold and windy! 

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Breck does have a reputation, but many days are still pretty manageable if you are hardy.  Keystone, on the same lift ticket and with free bus service from the bottom of the Gondi, is much more protected than Breck so consider that if the Breck weather is too tough.

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