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Near HIT in the Wasatch

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A bc skier was extremely lucky yesterday after surviving an avalanche. The man waas skiing solo and was completly buried by a large slide. Luckily, a group of travellers witnessed the slide and were in a position to respond. They found the victim using beacons and had him uncovered within 10 minutes. the man was unconscious, but had no visible trauma. The rescuers consisted of an ER doc and a critical care nurse. The man started breathing on his own after he was uncovered and regained conciousness.

Be careful out there. The Wasatch has had 20 straight days of unintentional humna triggered avalanches and is very dangerous right now. If you go BC, don't travel alone and stay off of slopes over 30 degrees.

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Close call, scary.

More info:


There have been a lot of slides in the Wasatch this year, heres a list:


Be careful out there, slides don't mess around!
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Not to be a complete ass...lol, but wouldn't it rather be..."a near hit" cause it DID miss.

Anyone who knows carlin will smile about that one.
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