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I have a pair of '12-'13 Fischer Vacuum Fit 110's and they are too bleeping cold. I am about to have them remolded and wonder, does anyone have any suggestions on how to make them ski a little warmer?


Specifically, one of the problems I'm having involves the forefoot. It's uniformly too tight from the instep forward and I think that contributes significantly to my "boots are too cold" problem. I can wiggle my toes, but with difficulty. And over all, my forefoot and toes feel overly compressed even when the lower shell is completely unbuckled. I've skied them seven times and feel they should be packed out by now.


On the other hand, my heel, ankle and shin feel great, the best fit ever.


Subjectively, I feel like I need at least another "sock's width" of extra room, such that I can be warmer when free skiing. And if I needed the extra compression or control during a race I could just simply buckle them down another notch. Regardless, I don't want to ruin these boots and turn them into bedroom slippers. They were supposed to be form-fitting race boot to begin with.


I'm a size C, 25.5 foot in a 25.5 boot, with a high instep, prominent navicular bone and ankle, use thin, custom-fitted Sidas insoles, wear variable compression ski race socks, size 3, CEP Progressive+.


I've heard a variety of suggestions (wear a thick sock, extra sock, very thin sock when molding; shim under the toes, use extra toe covers, grind out the toe of the boot; place an extra pad on the instep, use high/low pressure; use extra heat, anything to allow more blood to flow) and I thought I'd ask the pros.


Thanks guys!