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Telemark Bindings

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Hi everyone. First time poster. I'm not sure if this is the right forum section, but I have a question about tele bindings.


I've been having some issues with my tele bindings and I am trying to figure out what to do with regards to ski/binding combos. At the end of last season, I had my Black Diamond O1 bindings rip out of my Goode skis. Also, I have a pair of fischer misfits, mounted with black diamond o2's, which had the screws shear off a week ago.


My idea for ski/binding combos are getting a new pair of Black Diamond O1's (with the 6 hole screw pattern) and mounting them on my Fischers, then taking my Black Diamond O2's and mounting them on my Goodes. However, I'm worried I'll just have these issues sprout up again. I tend to ski fairly aggresively, and do alpine turns in bumps and when tired. My question is will this work well? Specifically, will the Goodes be able to withstand the Black Diamond O2's, or will they just rip out like the O1's? Or should I look into different bindings?

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you might need to epoxy in all of your bindings.  use a very runny epoxy with a long(maybe 2 hour cure time. sticka small screw driver into the binding hole and ream out a small cone into the core material if it is foam etc...  the mount bindings and screws.  lay them base up to cure.  this was standard practice back in the 70's with the honey comb core of Hexcell skis.  otherwise you may want to look at mounting a DH ski with a wood core and/or some metal in the top sheet binding area.  for resort Tele skiing I have always preferred a DH ski anyway.



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The four hole Black Diamond tele bindings have a strong, and well-deserved, rep for ripping out. Epoxy might help, but try contacting BD to trade the four hole models out. is a better forum for tele tech info.
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What Bob said; you didn't mention your boot, but I'm assuming you have a bigger, stiffer boot - this, plus a 4 hole mount, fairly active binding is indeed prone to pull outs. Oh, and I would also be suspicious of the carbon Goode skis - my  one and only pull out (with 6 hole Hamerheads) was on a pair of DB Tabla Rosas made by Goode. 

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+1 on going for a 6 hole mount.  I don't know anything about Goode ski construction, but one thought is to try Quiver Killers to get a much larger contact surface with the meat of the ski and epoxy them in.   Before I went NTN I used the inserts with good (no pull outs) results on a variety of bindings.

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Thanks for the replys. My Goodes are actually new Sorcerers and have a wood core, so they should be a bit stronger than the Tabla Rosas. TBH I'm not very savy with mounting bindings and I just let the professionals mount them for me, so I'm not very familiar about the mounting techniques. Last week I called up a few places (REI and Neptunes [In Boulder]) to ask what their opinions were on which bindings would be best; and it has left me still a bit confused, but tempted to try out my Black Diamond O2's on my Goodes. The REI tech didn't seem very knowledgeable about makes and models; Neptunes was busy enough that they wouldn't let me talk to a tech and the sales guy, while more knowledgeable than the REI guy, wasn't sure about the torque of the O2's, but hadn't heard of any rip outs with those.


Would it be worthwhile to try out the O2's and see what happens, or should I do more research?

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