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WB 11-13 January

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Yup, it's puking out. The official report say 19 so far, and for sure it's all that.


After getting skunked in SLC last week (started snowing when I got on the plane to go to SFO :rolleyes). So anyway, got up to WB last night, and it started snowing. HARD. So decision, decision, what should go out to play today. I loaned the 88's to a bud, and grabbed the 108's:




Of course, all have been waiting for this for a while, so the lines were dreadful:



But, even having the alpine closed due to VERY high winds, of course WB is over 20 times larger than rainy little berms that are shilled so desperately, so there's plenty of terrain to go around. So, how was the snow - ummm, not so bad. My buddy Tom:


Tom's BIL Dave:



More Tom:



So, it's supposed to continue for the next few days, so this could be spectacular. Now what was that about powder days :ROTF ?

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Awesome stoke. Thanks for sharing!


Also, :drool.

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Love the stoke!  Keep it coming!!

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Wow. That line photo is something. I'm happy to say I've never seen it that long.

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So today was VERY interesting. It continued to snow through the night, so there were freshies everywhere.


While we were told that the winds would keep the alpine closed, that didn't happen. Mid morning the Glacier chair opened and immediately the line-up for Spanky's Ladder grew:



So, word got out the 7th Heaven opened, so we scooted over there and the sun started to come through:



7th was great, powder world. My German colleague couldn't quite get the grip of big skis and being off-piste, but he is absolutely now a believer:



Well, today I took out my new Cochise. One word - WOW! lots of snow and super skis. Life is good.

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So the skiing was good enough that I decided to stay another day. Probably the best rendition of telling what the past few days was like here is :



Lots of snow. Oh, and there's a nice little tree section there. Yes, ONLY the northleast has tight trees :ROTF. As it also says in teh video, over 8000 acres are open. Noice.


The vis was somewhat Whistleresque, in fact I went in to change goggles for something that could cut through the lack of visibility, particularly in the alpine. The peak chair opened up today, and it became somewhat of a gong show. Harmony and Symphony were also open, so if you got bored by lack of terrain it was your own fault.


Here's a shot of the Peak to Peak with clouds below (in the center it's about 1500 ft up)



For perspective, this is a shot with minimum zoom:



There were some dramatic cloud shots today. This one from the Crystal Lodge:



Anyway, good trip, and great snow.

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Holy Pukage!  Nice.  But those lines are crazy ridiculous 

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Yeah, Spanky's on a powder day are first come first served.


Looks like you been getting the goods there dood. I may have to re-route one of the upcoming trips and get to da Boat.

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we got the goods but there aren't any lines.....  :D

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