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Repair Question?

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I recently pulled the front screw of my toe plate out of my ski (K2 Enemy's with Chili's) and am curious at what is the best way to repair this so that the screw doesn't have a good chance of coming out again? I put a pretty good beating on these skis typically, so I don't want to risk tearing the whole toe plate off while in the bumps or landing an air. How reliable is the binding/ski connection when something like this happens? I had a pair of alpine skis in which the binding came out and was reattached (used heli coils at the time), and subsequently popped back off a month later. Those skis were foam core however, which I think may have had more to do with it than the method of binding re-attachment.
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OK, my description might be poor, but bear with me...
You can get a metal outer screw thing which has threads down the inside to take a standard binding screw, and then has its own threds down the outside to go into the ski. Get one of those put in, and then use Loctite or a similar glue to hold everything together.

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Think that is a heli coil Fox. I was going to go this route, but it widens the hole a lot to fit in the hardware - last time I did this the heli coil and screw came out together.. leaving me with one wide hole.
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Sorry, Llama,
My mistake, but still probably the best way to do it (along with a good glue).

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I've used helicoils w/epoxy and sometimes just filled the hole with epoxy and driven in a wooden plug. Wait until everything sets, the redrill the hole for the screw.
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Russell Rainey prescribes filling the hole with a mixture of epoxy and sawdust. After the epoxy is cured, you can redrill.

Do you have a stiff boot? Do you have big feet too? If so, then that is the root of the problem. Chilis have been known to separate from the ski when used with a stiff boot. Big feet exacerbate that problem.

Good luck
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The heli-coil should work for you. Next time you get to Lincoln, NH. go to Village Ski & Sport on Main St. Gary or Jeff can fix that.

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Thanks everyone for the responses. I'll let you all know how it turns out.

Jim - I honestly would quit skiing before I brought any piece of equipment to that shop. They have some of the rudest people I've ever met there. If the rudeness had been isolated to the two or three incidents of just myself doing business there I would have overlooked it, but when numerous other parties (friends and people I've met around Lincoln) have told of similiar experiences I can easily say I will never go back. They have one guy there who must cost them thousands in business.
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Heli-coils with epoxy should do the trick (and for that matter, all the good suggestions above), but you might check to see if any shops are using simple nylon or brass inserts. After drilling the hole out larger you simply pound in a plug and screw into that. Similar to a heli-coil but only takes a few seconds and holds IMHO a little better than heli-coils. The Enemy, I think, has a good wood core with a glass wrap so you should be fine either way you go. I pulled a few 3-pins off my skis with my Squadras and found the nylon plugs worked very well. Of course the real better answer is to mount a shim underneath your binding and relieve the stress that caused the pullout in the first place. Voile, G3, Rainey, all make good ones.
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Sorry to hear about the bad experiences at Village. I bought a pair of T2’s and Chili’s there last spring. I tend to spread the wealth around town. I go to all the shops except 1, which will rename nameless, across the street from McDonalds. Errol Tower at Sport Thoma, next to the gondola, goes out of his way for me, as does John McDonald at Lahouts. 12 packs of Bud tend to go a long way before the emergency arises.

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I know exactly which one you are talking about across the street from McD's- never had any experience with them, but they're selection isn't great. I tend to favor Lahout's these days - very friendly and helpful staff, and not ridicolously overpriced.

Village Ski and Sports is unfortunately the only shop that deals in mostly tele gear in town, so I'm on the lookout for another shop in the area if anyone knows of one.

If you ever see me on the hill give a shout Jim - blue N. Face jacket and tan pants - usually skiing with another tele'er or waiting on my snowboarder girlfriend.
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